Easy and Convenient Food Remedies

Whether it’s a headache, or just every day stress, knowing some common household remedies can provide quick, easy, and natural relief. These are things you may experience every week, and can be treated with items you already have in your kitchen. Try out these fruits, veggies and herbs next time you’re suffering from an ailment, and you just might find a natural cure is the best one out there. After all, fruit is cheaper and healthier than medicine any day, which means your budget will thank you too.

Tea and veggies for indigestion and heart burn


Chamomile tea, more specifically, can help treat and even prevent those suffering from heart burn and other stomach ailments. Whether it’s gas, inflammation, spasms, or other digestive issues, sip several cups of Chamomile tea a day, and you’ll find your pain will subside. Another remedy for heart burn is as simple as celery. If you feel heart burn coming on, try chewing on a stick of celery. This veggie is highly alkaline, which can find the acid that is causing your heart burn.

Fruit for your nerves


Both stress and anxiety can be treated with serotonin, which is encouraged by several fruits, particularly Bananas. A banana will not only give your blood sugar a pick me up, but it will also fill your stomach and raise your serotonin levels. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure can be soothed by grapes and grape related products and snacks. For example, raisins, grape juice, and even wine have been proven to bring down blood pressure due to their polyphenols.

Juice for energy

orange juice

Whether it’s getting started in the morning, or finding your second wind to get through the work day, energy sometimes feels as though it’s hard to come by. Rather than reaching for the coffee, or relying on an energy drink, choose a natural solution that is not only healthy, but also effective. Orange juice boosts your blood sugar, and gives you that much needed pick me up. The abundance of vitamin C works wonders for your immune system among other things.

Basil for your tummy

basil for love

Whatever stomach problems you may be facing, they can almost all be solved by Basil. This is a common herb used in many delicious dishes, and it turns out, it’s as useful as it is tasty. Whether it be cramps, diarrhea or nausea, Basil can help protect your stomach from all forms of pain and discomfort. Not to mention, Basil can help fight off bacteria such as Salmonella. So, next time you’re making a sauce or even a salad, be sure to add a generous portion of Basil, for your stomach’s sake.

Herbs for bloating


Many different things can cause you to feel uncomfortable and bloated; thankfully, the remedy is simple. Tea will be your biggest savior, especially those with chamomile, basil, ginger or peppermint. These herbs are known for their ability to calm the stomach, and reduce bloating and other discomfort caused by intestinal or stomach issues that cause this as a symptom.

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