Drug Addiction: Symptoms, Complications And Treatment


Are you addicted to alcohol? Do you want to recover from the addiction? Though getting rid of this disease is like passing by a bumpy road, but once you overcome it, you can live a happy life. The process demands effort, time and willpower.

Facing addiction is never easy, however once confronted you can start the path to recovery with the intent of restarting a happier, healthier life. This process isn’t an easy road, and demands focus, effort, time and willpower.

Alcohol addiction is the result of uncontrolled drinking. It changes the manner of how the brain works. The person suffering from it experiences negative feelings, cravings and impulsive behavior. There is no need for suffering it silently. Doesn’t matter how much you drink or how much addicted you have become if you have thought of cutting it down, consult a doctor immediately. The procedure involves counseling, detox under supervision and therapy, such a procedure can be made at Detox Center Nashville.

Addiction first starts as abuse, and in time can disrupt brain function and cause major damage to internal organs. However, alcohol addiction can further impact mental capacity and can lead someone to develop cravings and impulsive behavior.

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Drinking alcohol is legal, and that’s the reason it is easily available. For many people, it has become part of their daily life. Unlike other drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc. predicting addiction is difficult. It is tough to recognize whether the person is a frequent drinker or takes only a few drinks occasionally.

Common Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction:

  • increased frequency of alcohol intake
  • urge for drinking at incorrect times like early in the morning
  • unsuccessful attempts for cutting down consumption
  • shaking body, depression, lethargy, sweating, nausea, etc.

If you witness any of these symptoms immediately consult your doctor. With time the addictions lead to give worse effects, consulting a doctor when you see early signs are beneficial. However, you can also visit treatment centers like Casa Palmera to get treated from professional psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists.

With alcohol being so widely available overcoming the addiction can be an incredible challenge. Once addicted it becomes not only routine but to all addicts indulging feels more like a necessity rather than a choice. However recognizing these symptoms are not always easy.

Here are some common signs of alcohol addiction:

  • Increased frequency of alcohol intake
  • urge for drinking at incorrect times, like early in the morning
  • unsuccessful attempts at cutting down consumption when drinking
  • shaking body, depression, lethargy, sweating, nausea, etc

If you recognize any of these signs and symptoms with friends and loved ones it may be time to consider finding a solution. Conducting an intervention, going to therapy, or admitting yourself to a treatment center that provides both physical and mental care while taking the first steps towards overcoming your addiction are all healthy steps to a better life moving forward.

Health Complications

If alcohol addiction is not treated it can lead to serious health complications including:

  • Ulcers
  • Cancer
  • Liver failure
  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Deficiency


When you visit your doctor, discuss all the symptoms, to let them determine your addiction and problems in a better way. This helps in providing you with better treatment. They can even recommend some rehabilitation centers for better recovery. Patient’s cooperation helps Casa Palmera to let them regain their health and get rid of the disease early and effectively.

  • Alcohol Detox

This is the procedure that helps in reducing alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification alone cannot cure the problem, but it is the first step of treatment. The process goes from days to weeks to take alcohol out of your body. Detox is done, depending upon the patient’s health, their drinking level, and their alcohol withdrawal history. Doctors can provide you medications to ease the withdrawal effects. They monitor your health and signs regularly.

  • Rehabilitation

Once the detoxification completes, drug rehab starts. This includes numerous therapies or treatments to combat your drinking. It is either done on an inpatient or it can also be done on an outpatient. Inpatient treatment can last from a month to a year.

Therapies help manage stress. A healthy diet is also included that may also help in treating the damage done by alcohol to your body.

  • Counseling

You can also undergo counseling while undergoing treatment of addiction. The counselor encourages you and provides guidance for the recovery. You can discuss your good and bad times to help them recognize your drinking problems. This is an opportunity for them to understand more about you and how to regain your health.

  • Medications

Medications that are used to treat addiction include:

Disulfiram – This is an alcohol-sensitizing drug, which is used to decrease your drinking desire. It makes you sick when you consume alcohol. You can suffer headache, vomiting or nausea when you consume alcohol while taking the medicine.

Acamprosate – It curbs your alcohol desire by maintaining a balance between chemicals of the brain.

Naltrexone – It decreases the feel-good effects of alcohol that you experience when you consume it. When drinking it doesn’t make you feel good, you automatically think of not consuming it anymore.

So, now you are aware of the symptoms and health complications, leading to the intake of alcohol. Consult your doctor to make your body get rid of this addiction now. The drug use rate in America is a epidemic of its own- so give this information to anyone you know who is struggling with addiction.

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