Drinking and Driving With Kids: Why This Is A Huge NO

kid accidentYou’re living with your family right now – you have a spouse and two kids. And since you’re the only person in the family who has a license, you’re the only one who can take the family to places using a vehicle. However, since you’re the only person who knows how to drive, there were instances when you had to take kids home after having a few drinks with your friends. You did this a couple of times, and everything went well – you were able to drive the kids home and had a good time with your friends. In your mind, it was a win-win situation. However, you were warned by your spouse and friends how drunk driving with kids is dangerous. You defended yourself by saying that nothing bad happened in the past, so there’s nothing to worry about. You might have this mindset right now, but in actuality the warnings could be right.  Drinking and driving are two activities which should be done separately and doing all of these together is a huge no.

Once you’re a driver, you know that the passengers’ safety is in your hands. You know that one small move can end someone’s life, which could include your own too. This should be reason enough for you to rethink your ways of drinking and driving with kids. But if none of this information still does not change your mind even a little bit, the list below might influence you to do so. These are reasons why drinking and driving with kids should never be done:

  1. Kids might be traumatized: This is basically one of the most obvious reasons why you should never drink and drive. There are a lot of state laws which prohibit a person to drive while they’re drunk. If you’re caught having a blood alcohol content of at least 0.05%, you’d be sent to jail. This will never bring anything good to the kids.
  • If you’ve been living a lavish lifestyle, going to jail might be something that you can never imagine getting yourself into. You’d be forced to live in a cell, change your lifestyle and be away from your family. These are just some of the consequences you’d be facing when you are sent to jail because of a DUI offense.
  • But things could get worse in the eyes of the kids. Once a kid witnesses an arrest being made, he/she may have emotional trauma. They may experience anxiety, depression and might even develop high-risk behaviour such as smoking and unprotected sex. Yes, kids might have witnessed the arrest only once, but the effects will scar them for life.
  • Different states have different laws on how long someone can be jailed after a driving under the influence. For example, in Massachusetts, you’ll have to spend 180 days in jail once you’re caught in a DUI offense for the 3rd time. Sure, you might think that the consequences would only harm you but in reality, the kids are affected too. They might be embarrassed and bullied at school.
  • Being involved in a DUI offense requires a lot of legal actions from you, especially when the accident involves an Uber or Lyft driver, and being able to witness all of these can also mean stress for the kids.
  1. Kids might be susceptible to serious injuries: In your defense, you’re always wearing your seatbelt whenever you’re driving, so nothing bad can really happen. Sure, this might be true but what about the kids? Have you ever thought that they’d actually be vulnerable to serious injuries? broken leg
  • You’re a grown individual so you can take care of yourself and you have tolerance to pain, but the same isn’t true with kids. They’re still young and their bodies are not as strong as yours. Kids could develop organ, chest and back injuries when they’re involved in an accident because of your drunk driving. Yes, these injuries may not be fatal but these can lead to reading disabilities, memory loss and headaches to kids.
  • There are also long-term effects of these injuries to the kids. Their academic performance and relationship to others might be adversely affected. Or worse, they can end up isolating themselves from the world, and they’ll end up growing up as an introvert.
  1. Kids might think it’s okay to drink and drive: Kids will believe everything they see is correct, especially when it’s done by an adult they know. You and your family might always be talking about how dangerous drunk driving is, but since you’re still doing it and they’re able to see while you’re doing it, they might think that it’s okay to do so. With this kind of notion, it’ll not be long before they can also adapt to your dangerous behaviours.
  • A lot of researchers have proven that children can easily be influenced by whatever they see. Since they’re still very innocent, they can’t distinguish what is right from wrong. Their behaviors might change based on the things they see, especially if these are done by their parents.
  • The kids in your vehicle might still be young, but if you keep showing them over and over again that drunk driving is okay, they’ll be doing the same once they’re able to get their license. Once they do, they’re increasing the risk of being involved in an accident which can lead to injuries and even death.

Being a driver doesn’t only mean that you have to take people to places and you can go home conveniently – it’s more than that. When you’re a driver, you’re the person responsible for everyone’s safety in the vehicle. This should be your priority at all times. You should always keep in mind that whatever you’re doing will affect your passengers, especially if your passengers are kids. Your harmful behavior on the road can affect these kids’ mentally and can affect their future behavior when they grow up. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. You want to inject positive influences on them, and one way of doing that is by driving only when you’re sober.

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