Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer and the Germanic New Medicine

rick hammerRyke Geerd Hamer (born in May, 1935) is a German doctor specialized in internal medicine, known as the originator of Germanic New Medicine, a medicine system which was initially conceived to cure cancer.

Ryke Geerd Hamer practiced classic medicine for more than 20 years (1963- 1986), while working in University Clinics of Tübingen and Heidelberg and in several other practices. His life and work partner was Sigrid Hamer(Oldenburg), his wife, who was also a doctor. His creative nature and the passion for medicine expressed during this period, when, besides practicing medicine, he focused also on patenting some of his inventions, such as the non-traumatic Hamer-scalpel and a special bone saw for plastic surgery; a massage table and a device for transcutaneous serum diagnosis.

He and his wife led a happy life with their four children (2 boys and 2 girls), until a tragic event occurred in the August, 1978: one of their sons, Dirk Hamer, was accidentally shot while he was asleep on a boat anchored on the island of Cavallo. Dirk died in December, 1978, after almost four months of fighting death, leaving both his parents under shock.

Following Dirk’s death, some other unfortunate events hustled into their lives, as Ryke Geerd Hamer developed testicular cancer and his wife got breast cancer. This was when Hamer developed the hypothesis that both cancers had been directly caused by shock of losing their son, and that they could be treated by resolving this emotional conflict. To prove his theory, he did some researches on the personal histories of cancer patients to see whether they had suffered some shock, distress or trauma before their illness. He called the conflict preceding the illness the “Dirk Hamer Syndrome”, which is a biological conflict shock that catches one unexpectedly “on the wrong foot”. He discovered that all the other ill people suffered from a shock, so he concluded that the illness is a special biological response to this shocking, unusual situation. When the ‘shock’ situation is resolved, the body sets about returning to normality.

In 1981, he submitted his discovery to the University in Tubingen, as a post-doctoral thesis. A year later, the University rejected the work on the interconnections between the psyche and cancer. To prove his theory, he tried to cure Sigrid and other patients. Unfortunately, his wife died in 1985. In 1986, his license practice was withdrawn.

His opinion about the illness and its cure didn’t make him many friends. He continued to practice illegally in various European countries, in between prosecutions and stints of jail time. His current residence is in Norway.

The German New Medicine developed by Ryke Geerd Hamer is neither an “alternative medicine”, nor an “integrative medicine”, nor a “complementary medicine”. Dr. Hamer’s discoveries offer a complete scientific system that serves as a basis for an entirely new understanding of diseases. From his point of view, cancer and related diseases are nothing more than a special biological program running in the body in order to help us overcome a psychic conflict. Using GNM, the causes of diseases can be identified, their development may be predicted accurately, and the symptoms that indicate healing can be easily recognized.

In a nutshell, German New Medicine states that any physical or mental illness is caused by the human body as a response to a shocking experience in a way that was pre-determined by nature and the healing of the illness also comes from the body, as a natural response to overcome the conflict situation generated by the initial shock. Diseases and their cure are normal part of life.

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