Dr. Oz’s Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Plan

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Being overweight or obese, apart from being a big health hazard, also comes with its own share of problems. It also is a big social problem especially in a world where looking lean and fit is catching up very fast. Hence, if you are looking for the right weight loss plan that is fast, reliable and efficient it may be worth having a closer look at the weight loss plan from the stables of Dr. Oz’s.

This plan has caught the attention of many of those who are struggling to lose the extra pounds of fat in various parts of the body. Hence let us look at the various factors which go a long way in making this perhaps a complete and total weight loss plan. It not only focuses on the kind of food which you should eat but also takes into account the kind of workouts which you must do to gain the desired results.

It does not give an importance to weight loss pills, tablets, potions and drinks because these are at best temporary in nature and could also come with many undesirable side effects. Let us have a look at what this weight loss regimen from Dr. Oz has to offer to those who are keen on shedding extra pounds of fat from various parts of the body.

What Are The Foundations Of This Weight Loss Program

Though the main emphasis of this weight loss program is on the kind food you should eat, it also focuses quite a bit on exercises and workouts. It talks quite a bit about the importance of treadmill and other equipment which could help in burning off excess fat deposits in various parts of the body.

It Focuses On The Rule Of Five

It asks its customers to follow the Rule of Five and gives them the liberty to decide on their own as to what not to eat. It asks the practitioners of this weight loss program to stay away from the five enemies. They are syrups, sugar, saturated fats, trans fats and white flours.

Dr. Oz does not ask people to stay away from alcohol but restricts it to only one drink a day. He also suggests that the drink should be taken during the end of dinner. We all know that alcohol has calories and unbridled drinking could create problems as far as your weight loss plans are concerned.

A Big Grocery List

It does have a big grocery list and therefore you should not have much of a problem in choosing something which suits your taste buds and also is in line with the requirement of Dr. Oz’s rapid weight loss program. It also does not suggest eating of packaged meals or foods. Hence on the food front you will not have much of a problem

Unlike many other weight loss programs you may not require a weight loss buddy, but it does recommend having somebody close such as your spouse, friend, colleague partner and other with whom you can share your progress and they in turn can help you stay motivated.

It Focuses Quite A Bit Of Cardiovascular Workouts

One of the main strengths of Dr. Oz’s weight loss program is that it focuses quite a bit on cardiovascular workouts. When we talk about quality cardiovascular workouts in the gym or home, there is no doubt that the treadmill often comes to our mind. All good and reliable weight loss programs talk about the need for cardiovascular workouts and towards this objective you must give importance to treadmills.

Use of treadmill is recommended because it will help to chip away at those excess calories gradually but surely. You must bear in mind that if you wish to burn away one pound of excess fat, you need to get rid of roughly around 3500 calories and this is what Dr. Oz’s rapid weight loss program focuses on.

Hence if you are planning to follow Dr. Oz’s weight loss program in your home, you must ensure that you are able to select the best treadmill for home use. It must be light and at the same time be able to focus on the goals and objectives of rapid weight loss which is the mainstay of Dr. Oz’s program. There are many treadmill options available and if you do some research and then decide, you will not find it difficult to buy the right one in keeping with the requirements and needs of this weight loss program of Dr. Oz. .

Final Word

In fine there is no doubt that this weight loss program of Dr. Oz is well designed, it is logical and doable. Most importantly it is safe and free from side effects often associated with many weight loss programs.

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