Dr. Angel Escudero -the founder of a humanistic school called “Noesitherapy” or “Healing by thinking”.

Dr. Angel Escudero is a Spanish physician and surgeon, the founder of a humanistic school within medicine, called “Noesitherapy” or “Healing by thinking”.

Since 1972, he performs surgeries with no chemical anesthetic, he helps mothers to deliver babies with no pain and assists patient in their healing process, using psychological analgesia. This form of anesthesia has been transferred to various medical specialties with excellent results. In fact, Dr Angel Escudero has carried out more than 1000 cases of complex surgery without anaesthesia. He uses noesitherapy as a technique of pain control.Dr. Escudero Spain

Using the psychological anesthesia, the body or a particular part of the body of a patient is set not to feel any pain. The brain and the power of thoughts cease the body of the body to make the difference between lack of pain and the thought of lack of pain. The brain turns off its alarms so any kind of medical procedure, which is usually categorized as painful, can be performed without any problems.

For example, one of the surgery cases of dr. Angel Escudero, which was made public, was that of a woman who needed surgery for a deformed leg. All that she had to do was to make sure her mouth was full of saliva and she had to keep repeating to herself, ‘My leg is anaesthetized’. A wet mouth is a sign of the activation of the parasympathetic system, while a dry mouth is one of the mind’s first warning signals of danger. When the mouth is kept lubricated, the brain relaxes, assumes all is well and turns off its pain receptors, assured that anesthetics have been given. While his patient was administering to herself this kind of psychological anesthesia, dr. A. Escudero could make incisions, saw, drill and hammer to break and reset the deformed leg of his patient.

Dr. Escudero’s work is a strong evidence of the power of the mind as the central mechanism in healing. It is in the power of humans to block the pain, and heal their wounds and diseases, using the noesis techniques- the action of thinking. The mind is the best accelerator of the material particles in the human body. All that a person who needs a cure has to do is to take over the control of his thoughts and body. To realize how simple it is, think about the little babies and their pacifier. The pacifier stimulates the saliva production, and, with a wet mouth and a relaxed brain, the baby peacefully falls asleep…

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