Don’t Hold back your Neurosurgery in India! Learn Why!

Are you worried with any of your spinal or brain disorders?


Its common, questions do go ahead your way when you suffer with one such problem. You tend to get many queries when it comes to choosing your neurosurgeon and place to get your neurosurgery done.

Here, I am with another article on Neurosurgery that will clear every one of your questions.

Do you want to know the most preferred destination for neurosurgery?

Well! That’s India.

Now, you must be wondering Why India??

You see, there are nations where individuals prefer their treatments like UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, India etc.

Many people around the globe choose India for their neurosurgery for many reasons. Here are some reasons:

  • Affordability: 
    There are varied techniques available for neurosurgery along with the Best neurosurgeon in India at an affordable cost.
  • Basic amenities: 
    Mandatory things required by international patients like Medical visa, accommodation for you and your family are all available with ease.
  • Expert Neurosurgeons: 
    There are many top neurosurgeons in India with experience of over 5 decades and high success rate in neurosurgery along with extensive medical training.
  • Internationally accredited Hospitals: 
    Healthcare industry in India has over 260 NABH Accreditation Hospitals. They are highly qualified professionals and use several modern types of equipment.
  • Services:
    The staffs working in Indian hospitals are very friendly and extremely helpful to patients. They will make you feel home. Also, Indian hospitals offer facilities such as waiting rooms for patient’s family, canteens, translation and many more such services.
  • Less waiting Time: 
    Basically, in India there is an ease when we talk about taking appointments. When compared to other countries there is a less waiting time involved in patient’s consultation and surgery. Since, there are lot many operation theatres available and ample trained professionals to carry out the surgery.

After knowing Why India for your neurosurgery also meet some of the best neurosurgeons in India,

Here, I list few neurosurgeons in India for you to consult.

  1. Keki E Turel
  2. Parekh Doshi
  3. Abhaya Kumar
  4. Alok Sharma
  5. Ashok Hande
  6. Rana Patir
  7. Sandeep Vaishya
  8. V S Mehta
  9. Anshul Gupta
  10. S K Sogani
  11. Arun L Naik
  12. Krishna K N
  13. R Srinivasa
  14. Thimmappa Hegde
  15. Satish Rudrappa

Basically, India is one of the best place in the world for you to get your medical treatment. To know more information on India’s best neurosurgeons, visit Clinicspots

Recently, India has set out or embarked in serving various neurosurgery procedures. Consistently we see many worldwide patients coming to India from different parts of the world. The factor behind this pull is the medical infrastructure similarly found in developed nations of UK and US. Patients visiting India for their neurosurgery get their treatment done by well experienced and trained staff. They are majorly known for catering personal care and attention with other value-added services at a very affordable cost.

Want to know about the cost of neurosurgery in India?

A vast cost difference is apparently seen when it comes to neurosurgery in India. In addition, it has zero patient list. Also, there is no compromise made in the quality delivered to the patients.

Below is the cost comparison given for different neurosurgical procedures in varied countries.

Procedure UK ($) USA ($) India ($)
Brain tumor surgery 11,000 12,000 4,800
Neurosurgery with hypothermia 20,000 22,000 6,500
DBS 25,000 27,000 16,500

After knowing the cost lets move to some of the neurosurgery hospitals in India:

  1. Fortis Hospital, Mulund
  2. Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle
  3. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
  4. D. Hinduja Hospital, Mahim
  5. BLK super speciality Hospital, Delhi
  6. Medanta, The Medicity
  7. Seven Hills Hospitals, Andheri
  8. L Raheja, Mahim
  9. Bombay hospital, Marine Lines
  10. Max Hospital, Delhi

Conclusion: By, now you must be totally clear about How neurosurgery in India is! Indian neurosurgery Hospitals are capable of catering 24/7 care for your neurological injuries. In addition, these centres are fully equipped with all new advance technologies and deal with every kind of emergencies round the clock.

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