Does Your Child Have Problems With Homework?

If you have noticed any of these signs from your child when it comes to their homework and homework habits you may be dealing with a Homework problem-child. This is a common occurrence that can be solved with a little attention to detail on your part, as a parent.

Does your child perform below their potential at school? Doesn’t finish homework that is assigned? Has average or better intelligence, with no learning disabilities? “Forgets”, loses or doesn’t turn in finished homework? “Forgets” to bring homework home? They act as though they don’t remember what they have been taught by you? Have they been receiving a poor report card lately or they don’t want to help?

Does Your Child Have Problems With Homework?

These are all signs of homework problems. There are causes to this type of behavior. Some children begin to develop bad homework habits as they become preoccupied with other activities. Television programs and video games can be to blame in some cases. When children are in high school they may become side tracked by their own hormones and sports activities. If some kids find homework difficult they will preoccupy themselves with other activities just to distract themselves and “forgetfulness” can even become a regular game to some kids.

Keep in mind that more pressure brings more resistance. If a child feels less than independent, this will only bring about more of the same attitude towards school and homework.

You can help your child to regain their responsibility for their own school work, and be assured that it is based on punishment.

Get out of the middle in relation to your child’s homework.

Remember that homework is between your child and the teacher, and that the purpose is to teach your child to work on his own. The result of the “sink or swim” approach will be an end to any arguments, but your child’s schoolwork may temporarily worsen. This is why planned withdraw from parental pressure is best done in early grades. There is usually an upsurge in their grades anywhere from two to nine months after you begin avoiding the normal “rescue” process.

Avoid the reminders.

Repeated reminders, lecturing, and threats only promote rebellion. This is why as parents you should try to give parental encouragement but stay out of your child’s success. You can also schedule a parent-teacher conference to clarify the preferences you want your child to be responsible for. Even encourage weekly progress reports. Try to limit television and video game time throughout the week to give the child more homework opportunity time. Considering simple rules within yourself will benefit your child’s learning ability and help them greater in the long run.

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