Does blow drying hair kill lice?


An attack of lice on a human hair can be terrifying and frustrating. In fact, many people who experienced it in the olden days had had to shave off their hairs. Well, that was the only option but not anymore. Today, there are many ways to kill those buggers when they come. In this article, I am going to answer the question which many have been asking; does blow-drying hair kill lice?

The simple truth is that blow-drying can kill lice and also destroy the ever-spreading eggs. Yes! The heat from your dryer can make sure that the born and unborn lice on your hair will die and never come back. There are many products available to kill hair lice, but studies have shown that blow drying natural hair can still take care of the embarrassing attack of lice.

Do you know why? Just like you and I survive in certain environments and conditions, these lice also have their preferences. The normal condition of your hair keeps them safe and multiplying. The human hair is always exposed to natural light and is never too hot or too cold. In fact, as you shower every day, the moisture in your hair improves and creates room for lice to live and spread. Preventing moisture is why it is always better to dry your hair thoroughly every time you step out of the shower as an efficient way to prevent lice attack.

Now that you have gotten your answer to “does blow-drying hair kill lice”? I want to go a step further to tell you some of the practical ways you can follow while blow drying your hair for good results. If you wash your hair and start blowing heat on it, you may not get the results you seek. The lice may just find some corners to hide or move deeper into your scalp to avoid the heat from the dryer. So what do you do?

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  1. Divide your hair into many sections

After washing your hair, dry of the water with a towel and start dividing them into many small sections. If you are someone with scanty hair, you may need just to create few sections since there is not much hair. However, if your hair is long, full and thick, you have to divide it into many sections. The reason for the small portion is to make sure that the heat will penetrate deeply into your scalp and get the dirty little parasites wherever they are hiding.

  1. Turn the dryer heat up

I know it is uncomfortable, but it isn’t about you now. The lice need to feel the heat so terribly that they will turn to dust. Don’t forget that they are in your hair because you allowed moisture to remain and increase every day. So, as you turn the heat very high, your hair moisture will dry, and that conducive environment which kept the lice will turn against them.

According to findings of the scientists at the University of Utah, heat from the blow dryer causes a high level of dryness on hair lice thereby removing every moisture in their bodies. When you achieve this level dryness, every louse and their eggs will turn to dust.

  1. Start blow drying section by section

My reason for saying you should divide your hair into many sections is to make sure that heats get to every part of your hair. Once the heat from the blow dryer is hot, start working your way gradually through the whole sections. Some people may not have the patience to do it this way, but I can assure you that it works!

As you hold a section of your hair, start from the roots and blow the heat till you get to the tips. After handling the process this way, all the lice and their eggs will turn to dust. Just be sure to protect your fingers from the heat.


hair dryer

It is true that there are many ways of killing hair lice, I still believe that preventing it is the best. Always make sure

that your hair is dry after washing. Don’t open up the door for these suckers to come and live.

If you want to take it a step farther, you can buy a prevention kit and keep it handy to prevent the attack of head lice. In fact, many blow dryers are available today for killing hair lice. You can still get one of those brands and remove the embarrassment for good.

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