Do You Really Care About Your Health?

There is a very close but unseen connection between proper nutrition and good health. Balanced nutrition and perfect health are intertwined into each other it is complicated trying to separate the two. Every individual who enjoys proper nutrition also enjoys perfect health; it can be said that balanced diet is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. View it this way, observe the eating habits of the people you admire health wise and compare their habits to the people your consider eating “disasters”. People who are drawn more to junk food, fizzy drinks and chocolates will look plump and their activities are sluggish.

Your eating habits role models enjoy good health, not because it is accorded to them on a silver platter, but because they work hard towards achieving the same. You have no rights whatsoever complaining about excessive weight and poor gym services if your diet is composed of high fat fast foods, frothing drinks and huge chocolate bars. If you are fan of processed foods and ridicule your counterparts who are into natural foods and herbal remedies, then you should consider revising your nutrition plan. If you consider nutrition supplements a joke; then you either get all your nutrients right or it is your way of saying you really don’t care about your health.

Nutrition supplements are chemical preparations aimed at arming the body with minerals, vitamins and proteins not supplied by the diet. The nutrients are concentrated but kept at levels that won’t harm the body. This is so especially with in the case of vitamin supplements, since excessive intake of vitamins results in very acute and chronic medical conditions. Supplements can be either natural or synthetic. Going natural is the best way but synthetic supplements play the role just fine.

Vitamins are very vital in general bodily functions. There is no single function that a vitamin isn’t involved. From reproduction, to synthesis of energy to the very extent of skin formation and maintenance, vitamins are actively put into place. A daily intake of vitamins is highly recommended. You can get your daily portion of vitamins from eating fruits and vegetables. Both extremes are very dangerous as deficiency and excessive consumption of vitamins can both lead to unwanted results. Vitamins fall under the category of micronutrients as they are needed in small quantities in the body. There are 13 known vitamins, each with its role in the human body.

Proteins are the body building nutrients. They are also known as body building foods. They help in the repair of worn out tissues and wounds. Body builders are known to take in large amounts of proteins that help in creation of muscle mass. Proteins are important if you were to keep fit and strong.

Carbohydrates are important energy sources for the body. With the help of vitamin B-1, carbohydrates are broken down within the cells to produce energy. You can therefore keep warm and engage in day to day activities thanks to carbs. Keep the intake in check otherwise you will be aligning yourself on the right path to gain weight.

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