Do Teeth Whitening Solutions Actually Work ?

It always baffles my mind every time I meet people having the whitest teeth they one can ever have. Nothing can stop such people from radiating their beautiful smiles! It’s almost unfair that some people are blessed with beautiful white teeth while some have to struggle to stop themselves from smiling because they think their teeth make them undesirable as they aren’t blindingly white. And the result? You end up crippling your confidence!

There’s a difference between discolored and ‘unclean’ teeth. Our teeth naturally have a yellow tinge to them. For some people, it’s more, while for others it’s less noticeable. However, if you think the idea of getting white teeth would help you in boosting your confidence to ace your dream job interview, make you happy for the prom night with your date, well, we have a solution for that as well.

One of the well-known dentists, Dr. Carmona, who is known for providing Teeth Whitening Austin, TX, spilled some beans about what it takes to get it done, and if the teeth whitening solutions live up to their claims.


Teeth whitening can be hugely beneficial for people having discolored teeth. Now, discolored teeth don’t always mean unclean teeth, and people might have them due to various reasons. The food we eat or a person who smokes contributes majorly to staining the outside layer of your teeth. This type of staining is called extrinsic discoloration. At the same time, intrinsic discoloration happens due to factors such as aging, tooth trauma, and medicine usage.

Whatever be the reason, people having either of the types of type might end up needing to get a teeth whitening treatment done.


There are so many whitening solutions available on the internet for you that it might live you in a dazed position, especially if you are new to this. Usually, we have seen innumerable videos and articles of people opting for home DIY teeth whitening solutions, claiming to give guaranteed results. But at what cost? Without the supervision of a dentist, going forward with DIYs can do more harm than any good. Your teeth are an invaluable asset, so treat it like one.

If you are confused about where to go with teeth whitening treatment, it’s always advised to hit the local dental clinic that specializes in cosmetic dentistry. Your dentist will recommend the treatment plan after having heard your needs. The most common type of teeth whitening solution your dentist might suggest are:

  • In-Office whitening: This type of whitening procedure is done under your dentist’s supervision at the clinic. Here, you and your dentist will work together to determine the desired shade of tooth you want before proceeding with the final step. In-office whitening treatment is best known for giving your desired result that lasts the longest.
  • At-home whitening kit: This is widely suggested to those patients who want to whiten their teeth at the convenience of their home, on their own time, and yet get the desired result. For this, your dentist will create custom-fit trays which you will require to fit in your mouth for at least half an hour daily for a week to get the best result.


If it did, then there wouldn’t be so many success stories about people who are happy with their smiles now. Till the time you are getting it done under the supervision of a cosmetic dentist, you should be fine. It is when a person resorts to home remedies and DIYs, they can compromise the health of their teeth.

Teeth whitening treatments are safe so long a cosmetic dentistry expert is doing it. So make sure you choose and lookout for a dentist who is specialized in teeth whitening procedures.


Remember, teeth whitening solutions are not permanent. Over time, you might end up getting the procedure done again for both extrinsic and intrinsic discoloration. So to retain your desired result for the longest of time, there are certain things that your dentist may ask you to take care of as natural teeth always have a chance of staining. So to prevent that from happening, keeping up a check on your food habits and certain beverages such as soda, coffee, tea, wine, etc., can help significantly in ensuring your teeth are not staining.

You might also be suggested to rinse and swish your mouth thoroughly after having any food to reduce the chance of any plague build-up, which is another cause for teeth discoloration.

So if you should get a teeth whitening procedure done is entirely on you to decide. However, if you are residing in Austin, and still have questions, you should have your questions answered by experts who are well versed with the specified field of knowledge. We know of a team of affordable dentist Austin, TX, who can help you with your queries. So don’t want anymore, and schedule an appointment with them to offer you their best teeth whitening treatment plans, to give you your dream result.

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