Do Snoring Mouthpieces Work?


Many people snore while sleeping on their back. If you are one of them, then it is the right time to think about getting a mouthpiece. Maybe this idea already crossed your mind, but you are skeptical of these devices already work. It would be easier to share a word or two with someone who already uses it, but people are usually shy about this topic. Snoring became an issue people are ashamed of. Although it shouldn’t be like that, there are no perspectives about changing the public opinion. That is why we wrote this article. We want to answer your question do snoring mouthpieces really work and give you some extra information.

Probably that you Googled a bit about snoring mouthpieces. What did you find? Thousands of pages where you can order a mouthpiece but without any proper explanation. Besides, you can fall into a confusion with the mouthpiece different names. Don’t double mind, every one of these is produced with the purpose to help you stop snoring.

Why do you snore?

  • • You sleep on your back,
    • Smoke or drink,
    • You are tired,
    • Have large meals just before going to bed,
    • You are under stress,
    • Don’t exercise,
    • Have anatomical issues,
    • You inherited it from your ancestors.

Mouthpiece functioning

We mentioned above that sleeping on your back is one of the reasons for snoring. Using a mouthpiece is probably the best solution here. The reason why you snore while sleeping on your back is in a jaw position. All your muscles relax during sleep. You don’t have the control over your body’s actions. Maybe you will move your leg, arm, you will turn over  in your sleep– it’s subconscious. That is the thing with the jaw also.

While sleeping, the jaw falls down and opens your mouth. Then your tongue slips back to the core and closes up the air passages. Relaxed jaw presses a bit throat muscles and airways. If you have a fat around your throat, it will worsen the situation additionally.

So, what will the mouthpiece do? It will bring some tension in your mouth. Your jaw won’t fall down and your tongue will stay in the place. By bringing up the jaw, your mouth will stay closed or a bit opened, but just enough so the air can pass through. Additionally, the mouthpiece will prevent the soft palate tissue from blocking the air passages.

There are many mouthpieces on the market, the only thing you should do is to find your fit.

Mouthpieces are usually designed by the dentists, as they are similar to the braces. Finding your perfect fit means that the mouthpiece must lay perfectly on your teeth.

Do you have a fear out of the mouthpiece? Some people are afraid to try out a mouthpiece, as they think it will endanger the breathing. However, millions of people around the world are using the mouthpieces and no one ever had some problem with these devices. Yes, it is true that it might feel a bit uncomfortable when you put it in for the first time, but they are easy to get used to. You will also produce a bit more saliva in the beginning. If you think a dentist would help you better with the probation, then you should go and see him.

One thing is sure, a mouthpiece is the most effective way to prevent snoring. They are safe, inexpensive and easy to use. Take care of your mouthpiece – clean it regularly with a mouth rinse and water, every morning and night, and maintain your mouth hygiene. You are good to go!


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