Do Not Give Up Fruit in The Winter!

Although the season for fresh fruit is behind us, let’s not forget that in the winter everyone needs them too. Fruits provide us with vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

The daily dose of fruit provides us with the ingredients regulating the biological processes of the body, which has a positive effect on our health.

In this colder season of the year, we do not get fresh fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or cherries in our stores. So how can we provide ourselves with a fruit vitamin bomb in winter, especially needed considering the fact that in winter we have to support our immune system to combat infections and colds? We have 3 tips for you on how to eat fruit even though they (theoretically) do not have it.  

Citrus – a winter vitamin bomb

Fresh fruit that can be found on shop shelves in the winter, mainly citrus fruit. It is worth to reach for them – they are a very good source of vitamin C and they also provide us with calcium. Especially valuable are oranges, which in addition to the daily dose of vitamin C, provide us with beta carotene, which has a good effect on the skin color, but above all – neutralizes the radicals in the body, thus preventing infections and well affects our eyesight.

In addition, oranges contain vitamins from the group B. The human body is not able to provide them themselves, so be sure to eat foods rich in these vitamins. They participate in many important processes within the body (including metabolism), and their deficiency may result in disease. The grapefruit is another fruit that is worth reaching in the winter season.

It is a very low-calorie fruit, recommended in particular during various types of diets. In addition, acids contained in the grapefruit perfectly affect the condition of our skin – moisturize, cleanse, normalize and relax.

Do not forget about the popular lemon. It is best to consume it with tea or mineral water. In addition to vitamin C, the lemon also contains calcium, magnesium and potassium. It supports the work of the digestive system and helps fight blood circulation problems.  

With freeze-drying for your brother!

Recently, products and dishes prepared by lyophilization have appeared on the Polish market. This method is very well known primarily to athletes for whom healthy and rational nutrition is a very important element. Lyophilized fruit dishes are perfect for winter when we do not have access to fresh seasonal fruits. – Lyophilization is a process by which fruits retain not only their shape and aroma, but also a significant part of vitamins and minerals. That is why the freeze-dried breakfast dishes will be perfect for a second breakfast in the season, when we do not get fresh cherries or raspberries in the store. – says our expert in food technology. A freeze-dried dish in a mug is an excellent snack that you can take with you to school, work or on a trip. The fruit combined with cereal flakes is enough to pour yogurt or kefir.

On winter evenings – homemade preserves!

Lucky ones who prepared for the winter in advance and made seasonal fruit preparations. Home-made jams, marmalades, jams and compotes have the advantage over products from shop shelves that we decide how many sugar will be in them.

We also do not add harmful ingredients that can be found in purchased products, such as allergy-causing sunset yellow or brilliant blue, which negatively affects the digestive tract. We also prepare them from fresh fruit, while jams producers use the so-called pulp. The taste and quality of home-made products far outweigh the ones from the range of products. Therefore, all those who have managed to capture the taste of summer in jars, we wish you a tasty one!

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