Do I need a Neck lift or a Facelift?


It is easy to confuse between a neck lift, facelift, let alone adding other procedures like SMAS lift or mini facelift; all these terms are confusing.

When you are planning to have cosmetic surgery on your face, it is impossible to know what kind of treatment you want as a patient. The face is a delicate part of your body, and identifying the procedure that will yield the best results is only possible when you work with your plastic surgeon.

There are very many procedures, non-surgical and surgical to select from. Additionally, there are procedures that focus on specific facial features while others focus on improving the entire face and neck. Having all these procedures out there, this article will bring clarity to the conundrum when deciding between a facelift or neck lift procedures.

What is a facelift?

Many people have the idea that a facelift involves tightening the entire face. In fact, the classic facelift procedures usually happen on the lower regions of the face which each part of the face that is located below the cheeks ( the chin, the jaws, and the neck).

The skin that covers these regions is pulled back to make it tight and also if there is some extra fat in these regions, it is trimmed down, resulting in a smooth skin that is free from wrinkles, and the entire skin is also tightened.

What is a neck lift?

The neck is primarily the first region of your body that will show aging signs. Loose muscles, loose skin and at times excess fat found under the chin make you look older and heavier than you are.

The result of aging seen in the neck and other jowls result in a double chin or a turkey gobbler which is also known as a neck waddle.

A neck lift surgery improves the neck appearance by smoothing and tightening the saggy neck skin muscles, for your neck and jawline to be more defined. In case a neck lift procedure tightens or lifts excessively, you may become uncomfortable, or you will look odd when you compare it to your chest or face; that is why this procedure must be done correctly. Since under lifting or under correction will not have a noticeable impact, it will leave you disappointed and a sad looking neck.

When you have a properly done neck lift, your jaw and chin will be well-defined without any excess fat or skin on your neck.

Similarity between a facelift and a neck lift

Both the neck lift and the facelift are related surgeries. The facelift focuses on lower face region and the region from your jawline to the region below the eyelids. The neck lift, on the other hand, focuses on the lower face from the chin area, along with the jawline, down to the neck’s base.

When these two procedures are combined, it can have a great impact on how your look.

Generally, a neck lift can be performed when you have issues with the region around your neck. In case the problems extend to the midsection of your face (from your lower eyelid region, your ears, the jawline, the laugh line and the sides of your nose), then a facelift will be required. It is rare to find a patient who wants their cheeks, or mid facelifted, and not the neck; in case that is requested, then it will be an upper facelift.

Since the mid-face and the neck are connected, you will find that both plastic surgeons are present to perform the full facelift. However, it is common to hear most patients noting that a facelift is a stretch for them, this makes most plastic surgeons to only suggest the entire surgery in case that is what a patient needs to achieve better results.

Additionally, most of the new techniques like MACS facelift are easier on most patients. They create a smooth and tight skin on the mid-face and neck region to produce a more dramatic result on the face when it comes to bringing out the youthful look.

What is a mini facelift or mini neck lift?

A mini neck lift or facelift can be described as the small scale version of a neck lift and a facelift. This means that very few scars will be made and also less skin will be cut to make the cheeks, jowls and even the neck more visible. This process suits someone who has very little skin sagging.

How does one choose between a facelift and a neck lift?

The choice of which surgery depends on the cosmetic goals you want. Are you irritated by the loose skin and double chin that is around your neck? Do you want to get rid of the wrinkles around your cheeks? Do you want to define your jawbone much better?

When you answer these questions, you will be on the verge of figuring out what you need. If for instance, you want to get rid of facial wrinkles or a saggy neck, these goals will assist the plastic surgeon to decide the procedures needed.

A neck lift or a facelift consultation

Don’t spend much time figuring out which procedure is best for you, instead, spend time on defining the goals you want to achieve. Even though you might not have an idea of what will improve your appearance, getting in touch with a certified plastic surgeon will solve the other half of the puzzle.

Your plastic surgeon will act as your cosmetic consultation. Together you will review the goals you want to achieve, and the surgeon will evaluate your facial structure and skin and your level of aging. You will be provided with a list of options for both the neck and facial rejuvenation and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The goal of a plastic surgeon is to ensure that every patient has less scarring, less downtime, and less invasiveness to get to a plan that will help you feel more refreshed and look much younger. As a patient, you need to achieve what you really want to feel great about your appearance.

If you are serious about a facelift or a neck lift, you are sure to have many concerns and questions. A consultation at Renu Artful Medicine can point you in the right direction. The skilled staff members, including first rate plastic surgeon, Dr. Philip Schoenfeld, will be able to give you the personalized attention you deserve. You will have the opportunity to express your trouble areas when it comes to your face. Dr. SChoenfeld will examine your face in order to determine if a facelift is the best approach for you. Visit to learn more about your options and the ideal location for your plastic surgery.

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