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The word “cropped” means “cut off”. What is being cut off here is the hem of a bodice. It can be cut as short as you like and end above or below the navel.

The shortcut particularly emphasizes the figure and perfectly sets the scene for the stomach. Due to the temperatures, a belly backless crop top is particularly popular in summer. Combined with shorts or a skirt you are always perfectly dressed. The short tops look just as good on high-waist jeans and are worn under a chic blazer, casual denim, or leather jackets.

In the cropped cut, all kinds of women’s outerwear are popular. From t-shirts and tops to sweaters, waistcoats, and cardigans – everything is possible.

Even if some believe that the crop top could already be named as such when pin-ups tied their blouses above their navel after the sexual revolution, it is none other than in the 80s, in the land of Uncle Sam, that he was truly born.

American football players, no longer able to bear the stifling heat caused by their intensive and physical training, have torn their t-shirts up to above the navel.

This technique, combining comfort and freshness, quickly found more and more followers to the point that a famous sports brand offered, at the time, a range of crop tops for men. In films and series, it was not uncommon to find that actors were also supporters of this garment. Among women, the worldwide phenomenon, of aerobics, has led more and more of them to wear it during their rhythmic sessions.

When we meet her in the street or on the catwalks, we can’t help but dive back into one of the clips of the eternal rivals of the 90s/2000s, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. The memory we have of the latter during this decade is not the most flattering, because he was often associated with a “vulgar”, “provocative” side, even with hypersexualization. Could it be this evocation permanently anchored in the collective that would currently cause a lot of discord?

For several months, especially given the return of fashion linked to the 2000s, in playgrounds, many teenage girls have adopted these sexy crop tops for women, and boys are not left out.

It is this omnipresence that creates controversy and that has led parents, adolescents, and even politicians to ask themselves the question of the legitimacy of wearing such clothing, particularly on school grounds.

You should know that this questioning is not new, because already in the 80s, wearing it was prohibited in certain public places in the United States since it was considered indecent.

Currently, on social networks, teenage girls claim the right to wear crop tops in all circumstances and do not hesitate to create hashtags to defend their position. This feminist generation, which dares more, which shows itself, which assumes and accepts itself, in particular, thanks to the “body positive”, does not understand how showing its navel seems shocking.

For some adults, the area revealed by the crop top is considered sexualized and it is this aspect that questions their validity, especially in the school environment. Children and parents, no one is wrong and no one is right. That is why the solution remains, as always, communication and compromise.

For those of us who would like to succumb to this trend, with a resounding return, wear it, in the evening, under a trouser suit (another big trend of the moment) for a sophisticated side without revealing too much.

Do not cut this impulse short, but adapt it to each situation!

The variety of crop tops:

The short playsuit romper suits are ideal for trendy casual looks. If you like it comfortable but still stylish, you can combine a playful bralette with a loose high-waist culotte or paper bag trousers, for example. In combination with sandals or sneakers and cool sunglasses, the modern casual look is complete.

The crop top is also elegant! The versatile top can also be perfectly combined with high-waisted business trousers and blazers. A simple crop top is used to achieve an elegant business look that is anything but boring. The modern everyday outfit is an eye-catcher in combination with sneakers and a statement accessory.

In addition to the casual daytime variations, there are also classy crop tops and bralettes for the evening. Shirts made of lace or satin can look sexy on the one hand and very elegant on the other and are particularly effective with high-waisted skirts or trousers and high heels.

But what are the different crop top styles in 2022? 

This year, on the one hand, romantic and playful shirts such as those in a milkmaid design or a smocked style with puff sleeves are in. In contrast to the romantic version, transparent crop tops and bralettes with lace appliqués are also trendy.

The tie-front tops are also very popular in 2022 because loosely cut shirts and blouses that you tie together at the front bring a cool touch to every look. Sporty crop tops will also be suitable for everyday use this year – many sports bras are increasingly being cut like crop tops and are therefore very popular with women with a casual style.

Now all that remains is: LET’S CROP THAT TOP! Have fun experimenting and styling the trendy tops! The diverse crop tops and bralettes will also conquer your fashion heart.

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