Difference Between Depression vs Just Being Sad

Sadness happens throughout our lives at times. There really is no way to avoid it if you are a normal person. Feeling sadness is only temporary and always for a good reason. If you lose a pet or a loved one, the feeling of sadness is very real, though it could lead to deeper depression. Ordinary sadness comes and goes and if you are having it too much, you may want to check with a therapist.

What is Real Depression?

Clinical depression, on the other hand, is state of abnormal psychology and it affects many aspects of behavior including sleep cycles, nerves, and the digestive system. Unlike sadness, which goes away, depression lingers and does not go away. It is defined as a low, chronically sad mood for more than two weeks. The condition can go into a downward spiral quickly, becoming seemingly hopeless.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of it yet, but there is this interest compound called cannabidiol (CBD) found in hemp and medical marijuana. It is not THC, but only the non-psychoactive cannabinoids including CBD but not the THC. As it turns out, sometimes people with depression will experience a worsening of symptoms for depression while others experience relief.

That situation is too risky, so it is better to use natural CBD from hemp oil extracts if you are going to try cannabis for depression. The hemp oil is the best option, as it cannot contain high THC due to its genus. Since it quickly works on relieving anxiety and brightening mood, CBD is the top long term choice in the herbal collection available to help depression.

You may want to look to The Beginners Guide To Cannabidiol in order to understand the different kinds of CBD oils and a bit more about dosing for different conditions. You will also learn how to properly choose a good quality CBD extract from a huge market. Not all CBD oil is made the same, so you want assured quality and potency.

How Does CBD Help?

A number of studies have been done using CBD to treat depression show its effectiveness. It is not known exactly how CBD works to help depression but it seems to have effects comparable to or better than the standard medications prescribed. If you have depression and drugs have not worked, you may want to try out CBD since it has received such a good reputation.

CBD has been show to increase levels of anandamide in the nervous system. Anandamide is one of the body’s natural cannabinoids and it is associated with pleasure and maintaining a positive mood. Since depression usually accompanies anxiety disorders, it is a good idea to use due to its calming properties while getting an effective treatment for depression.

Different dosages will need to be tried for CBD and depression. Starting out, it is suggested to try 100mg of CBD daily. This can be extended to 500mg or more, cost allowing. Many of the results are immediate while other benefits may take time to manifest. Overall, depression should be relieved and anxiety should be reduced for a better life.

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