Did You Know That You Can Preserve Your Fertility?

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Fertility preservation is a technique that gives patients an opportunity to have kids in the future. This technique can be done to both males and females. However, it is good to understand that not all males and females are candidates for fertility preservation. Fertility preservation is done to people who are at risk of losing their fertility due to various factors. Wayne fertility preservation specialists can help you preserve your fertility and give you the chance to have kids in the future. Below are some reasons that may have you considering fertility preservation.

Reasons for Fertility Preservation

There are many reasons that can make you desire fertility preservation. These reasons can either be personal or health issues. According to specialists, you are recommended to have fertility preservation only if you have health issues. These reasons include:

  •   Health issues. There are some health issues that may threaten your fertility. Sexually transmitted diseases cause a condition known as pelvic floor disorder. Pelvic floor disorder severely affects your reproductive system to an extent you may lose your fertility. Due to these issues, it is vital to preserve your fertility. Fibroids can also cause infertility. If you are suffering from server fibroids, it is essential to consult your doctor for fertility preservation
  •   If you are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Frequent radiations passing through your body may interfere with your reproductive system. Radiation can make your ovaries malfunction, thus producing non-quality eggs. To eliminate this problem, undergoing egg harvesting is the best way to protect your fertility. Chemotherapy device also releases some radio waves during the treatment and management of cancer. These radio waves can affect your fertility. If you have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy, fertility preservation is an option for you.
  •   Genetic variation. You may suffer genetic variation after a certain age. Genetic issues that cause infertility are inherited from one family member to another. Due to this problem, it is recommendable for you to undergo fertility preservation before a certain age. The below paragraph explains how your fertility can be treated.

How can your fertility be preserved?

There are several ways for your fertility to be preserved. They include:

  •   Sperm banking. This technique is done to males only. Sperm banking involves extracting sperms and storing them at low temperatures for future use.
  •   Egg freezing. Egg freezing is done to females only. It involves the extraction of eggs from the ovaries, storing them under low temperature for future use. During use, the sperm and the egg are fertilized and implanted into the uterus of the respective woman.
  •   Embryo freezing. This involves the removal of an embryo from a woman, and freezing it at low temperature for future use. Embryo freezing is done if a woman is diagnosed with a complication that can destroy the baby.

The fertility preservation technique helps many people to preserve their fertility for future use. It can be done for both men and women who are suffering with conditions that threaten their fertility. University Reproductive Associates are the best professionals you can consult for fertility preservation.

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