Diabetic Foot Care in Las Vegas, NV

Diabetic patients are particularly prone to foot problems, and poor health of your feet is a sign of the increasing severity of the disease. Caring for and protecting your feet is crucial if you have diabetes. The knowledgeable podiatrists at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center provide comprehensive diabetic foot care in Las Vegas to assist you to stay healthy.

What is complete diabetic foot care?

Comprehensive diabetic foot care is a regular and all-inclusive exam of your feet together with a defined plan of treatment. Possible circulation problems and nerve damage happen to the feet of patients with diabetes. Poor circulation causes possible infection and slow healing.

The highly skilled and experienced team at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center can help you in preventing ulcers on your feet or the loss of your toes due to diabetes. They understand the significance of keeping your diabetes under control and maintaining the health of your feet.

What do diabetes patients need to do to complete diabetic foot care?

Your provider will determine the best routine to follow for foot care. You will be advised to practice these standard habits, either daily or regularly, and they include:

  •       Avoiding treating calluses or corns alone
  •       Carefully cutting the nails of your toes.
  •       Nourishing your feet
  •       Washing your feet with warm water
  •       Inspecting your feet

The smallest scratch or sore on your feet can cause a severe infection. Your provider can give the best advice to you on the specific routine to follow for your foot care.

Can diabetic foot care reduce the risk of surgery?

If you are diabetic, proper care of your feet can reduce the need for surgical treatment. Because your nerves are damaged, sores and pain in your foot usually go unnoticed. Careful care of your feet and proper health can assist you in avoiding hospital visits because of diabetes problems.

What are the treatments used in complete diabetic foot care?

Complete diabetic foot care includes taking care of your feet when you get an injury. To avoid pain or infection, your provider can recommend the utilization of protective substances like:

  •       Shoe inserts
  •       Compression socks or other foot wraps
  •       Soft casts
  •       Shoes with added cushion and fortification in the toe area

Routine diabetic foot care is crucial in:

  •       The diagnosis and treatment of nerve damage
  •       The removal of thickened skin, such as calluses
  •       Prevention of limb-threatening diabetic ulcers
  •       Treatment of infections and wounds, including ingrown toenails

If you have a sore on your foot, your doctor can wash the boil and prescribe medications. Bone problems can be identified using an X-ray. The providers at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center can give you advice on how to best prevent infection.

Getting a complete and absolute treatment for your feet as a diabetes patient is not always given much consideration as a necessity, but various complications can arise if you have diabetes.

Book an appointment online or call the offices of Battle Born Bone & Joint Center today to receive the comprehensive foot care you require.

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