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According to dermatologists in Pune, a lot of people here are suffering from excessive hair loss or baldness because of various reasons such as poor lifestyle, pollution due to urbanization, lack of nutrients, stress etc.

Baldness or alopecia lowers self-esteem of people which shakes their confidence. This further leads to depression and starts to take toll on their emotional health.

Thus, it is very important to take control of the situation by solving this problem. The permanent solution for this is hair transplant. To get more knowledge about cost and hair transplant in Pune, click here.

A few years ago, such procedures were associated with men in 40-60 age groups. But now, young generation believe that looking good is a necessity rather than luxury.

With so many advancements in the field of hair transplant, newer techniques which give more successful results are invented. One such technique is Direct Hair Implant (DHI).

If you want to undergo DHI in Pune, Clinicspots will help you with this.

Read further to understand why DHI technique is so popular in Pune.

DHI Technique in Pune

DHI is the most advanced hair transplant technique which gives wonderful natural results.

Here, the hair transplant surgeons in Pune use specially designed tools for transplantation. The surgeon makes use of an implanter tool for implantation of hair follicular graft units.

With the help of a specifically designed tool, one by one hair follicles are removed from the donor region. The follicles are kept in an enhancing solution at a specific temperature.

Moreover, the hair transplant surgeon does not need to create incisions in the recipient region of the scalp for transplantation of hair follicular graft units. Rather, he/ she uses a patented tool called a ‘implanter pen’ to implant hair follicles into the bald area directly. The diameter of the implanter pen is 1mm or even less than that.

The surgeon considers the direction of hair growth, appropriate density while implanting hair follicles so it will look natural.

Is DHI Procedure only for Men?

Not only men but also many women suffer from hair loss. Generally, women keep their hair long and do not want to cut it short. Even if they want to get rid of baldness, they are very reluctant to shave their head to undergo hair transplant.

They search for alternatives or options available which doesn’t require for them to shave their head. One of the best solutions for this is DHI.

It has been noticed that a lot of women in Pune opt for DHI technique for hair restoration.

How is DHI different from FUE?

In DHI, there is no need to shave the head. Further, as hair follicles are kept in a solution which enriches them, it gives more successful results.

All hair transplant surgeons in Pune do not provide DHI technique. They must be specially trained to perform DHI procedure.

DHI technique needs more precision, skill and attentiveness as it takes longer to complete the procedure. The process of implantation is very different from the normal FUE technique.

The process of opening the microchannels to implant hair follicles is different from FUE hair transplant. The surgeon and his team should be skilled or else they may use wrong insertion angle. It will result into unnatural look.

But luckily in Pune, there are many hair transplant surgeons who are expert in this field.

Cost of DHI in Pune:

The cost of DHI in Pune ranges from Rs 80- Rs 120 per graft. The actual cost of the procedure depends on different factors, such as:

  • The expertise of the hair transplant surgeon
  • The reputation of the clinic
  • Quality of equipment and technology used
  • Level of your baldness.

Advantages of DHI in Pune:

  • Almost painless procedure.
  • It has very short recovery period.
  • Incisions are not required for implantation in the bald area.
  • This technique gives natural looking results.

These factors make DHI one of the most popular hair transplant technique.

Post Care:

  • Avoid doing exercise.
  • Don’t expose your scalp to the sun for at least 1 month.
  • Avoid swimming for 15-20 days.

Time Required for DHI in Pune:

The duration of DHI procedure in Pune depends on the level of your baldness.

If your baldness is of low level, it will take around 3-4 hours, but for higher level of baldness, it may take around 2 days with each session consisting of 6-8 hours.

The DHI surgeons in Pune see to it that the procedure is completed with precision and accuracy

Results of DHI

You will notice visible hair growth 3 months after the DHI procedure. For full hair growth, it will take around 11-12 months after the surgery.

Also, you can resume your work from the next day after the procedure. But be careful to follow doctor’s guidelines regarding the post-surgery care.


DHI in Pune is a painless procedure which gives successful results. The hair transplant doctors in Pune are qualified and have required specialization for this procedure. Moreover, the clinics are equipped with all the necessary equipment and modern technology which is needed for this procedure.

Because of this, the Direct Hair Implant in Pune has high success rate.

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