Detoxification: Do you need it?

We could also talk of an “absence of intoxication”, since it is preferable not to get intoxicated in the first place, instead of getting intoxicated and then having to undergo detoxification. Intoxication is defined by the presence of large quantities of toxins (wastes) in part or all of the system. Toxins are useless, even dangerous, substances that must be eliminated from the system or transformed by it in order to impede their ability to cause harm.

Intoxification happens whenever digestion and elimination slow down, causing the functioning of the whole system to be disrupted.


The factors of intoxification:

  1. Bad quality foods: Poor quality foods are a major factor of intoxication. Indigestible foods rich in fats from animal origin, processed and smoked meats, the excessive consumption of protein, sugar, foie gras, fried foods, stews, sauces, bacon, the excessive consumption of starches, rich pastries, coffee and alcohol, all promote the build-up of toxic wastes in the system.
  2. Medicines: All medicines, whatever they are, lead to an intoxication of the system. They are toxic substances that are incompatible with the normal functioning of our organs and tissues. Since they often have a cumulative effect in the system, they do significant damage. In addition, it is a well-known fact that their secondary effects are very harmful.
  3. Bad lifestyles habits: In order to replenish your nervous energy reserves, you must modify your lifestyle. Refined, unnatural and chemical foods, overeating, a sedentary  and idle lifestyle, a lack of physical exercise, fresh air and sunshine, stressful pressures, shocks, overworking, exhausting efforts to achieve social and financial success, worries, nervous tension, the abuse of chemical medicines, polluted air and insufficient oxygenation, all tend to lessen the metabolizing of food and the elimination of wastes.
  4. Excessive eating: Excessive eating is one of the main causes of a clogged up system. Most people eat too much, eat foods that are not good and have sedentary occupations, which prohibits them from getting sufficient physical exercise to justify their consumption of such a large quantity of food. Such surpluss overload the organs responsible for the digestion and the assimilation, clogging up the system with impurities and poisons of all kinds.

The Signs of Intoxication

Here are a few questions that will indicate your level of intoxication. If you answer yes to even one of them, there is no doubt that a good detoxification will be helpful.

  • Do you suffer from constipation?
  • Do you often get a cold or the flu?
  • Do you suffer from sinus problems?
  • Are you suffering from bronchitis or other respiratory disorders?
  • Do you suffer from articular stiffness?
  • Do you suffer from rheumatic pains?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Do you have skin disorders?
  • Do you feel nauseous?
  • Do you suffer from inflammation of the tonsils?
  • Do you suffer from stomach ulcers?
  • Do you often get laryngitis?
  • Do you have tumours?
  • Do you suffer from gout?
  • Do you have bladder disorders?
  • Do you have prostate disorders?
  • Do you suffer from arteriosclerosis?
  • Do you sometimes suffer from bursitis?
  • Are you bothered by various problems of inflammation?
  • Do you suffer from muscular pains?

When should we undergo detoxification?

The purity of the tissues is an essential condition to recovery and to a return to a good health. In this line of thinking, we can also say that such purity is an essential element in the prevention of numerous illnesses.

All of those who have been neglecting their health for many years without having been seriously ill, but who never necessarily totally well, need to undergo detoxification. There is no need to wait to be sick to undergo detoxification. In addition to its direct therapeutic action, detoxification is an element of rejuvenation and of longevity.

In addition, it is good to clean up our system every time there is a need for it. However, certain periods of the year are particularly favourable to a purification of the system: around mid-January, after the eating and drinking excesses of the holidays; at the beginning of spring, when the system is often less resistant; and as fall approaches, so as to increase our resistance to influenza and cold.

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