Detox From Christmas

Christmas is the time for giving – and food. A dinner fit for a king with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, yams, fruit cake, boiled custard, eggnog and apple cider. Gathering around the Christmas tree in the morning with rich hot chocolate and gingerbread to munch on. Leftovers for lunch and more treats throughout the day. Delicious! But all this food can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable and in serious need of a detox. A detox is a great way to clear out your system and it will also help with any weight loss programs you wish to start (hello, New Year!). How can you do this safely and effectively?

Detox Products

A simple way to start the detox process is to take a product to help you and clear out your system. As this is a delicate process, you need to make sure that any product you choose will be safe and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Ingredients such as fennel seeds, ginger root, cascara sagrada (but not long-term), and rhubarb are ones to consider when looking into products as these provide relief from digestive issues such as bloating and cramping while also helping to clear out the system. Authority Reports is a good resource for finding out about different products as well as other health tips and advice.

Drink Lots Of Water

To really clear out your system and get rid of all the toxins, you need to drink a lot of water. Make this your drink of choice and completely skip the soda and juice. Adding a slice of lemon to your water will also have the added benefit of improving your digestion. Our body needs water to function properly and if we don’t drink enough, one area that will be affected is the digestive system.

Cut Out Sugar

A diet high in sugar can lead to many health problems. It can have an impact on the body’s production of leptin which is the hormone that signals the brain that we are full and done with eating. Without this signal, you may feel hungry all the time which causes overeating. High amounts of sugar can also result in your liver being overworked and not functioning as well as it should. After all the food consumed over the holidays, cutting out sugar is important to give your body a break to recover.


Not only will exercise help boost your metabolism and help you shed some of the Christmas weight gain, but it also helps your body clear out toxins. Physical activity gets our blood pumping and helps food move through the digestive system more efficiently while also getting rid of toxins through sweat. It also helps improve the circulation of the lymphatic system which includes the liver and the lymph nodes. These are important for helping to detox the body.

Eat The Right Foods

The food you choose to eat during the detoxification process should help with the process and not put any added strain on the body. Avoid foods high in chemicals and pesticides as the body needs to work harder to get rid of these toxins. Certain foods such as lemons, garlic, mung beans, and foods high in fiber can actually help with the detoxification process.

These tips should help you start the New Year off on the right foot by cleansing your body from all the overeating of the holidays and feel better about yourself – both physically and mentally.

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