Designing Brochures for Your Health and Wellness Centre – 3 Key Things to Focus on


A well designed brochure is fundamental for any successful business. Ideally, a brochure should be informative and aesthetically designed so as to promote your product in an effective manner. The quality of the paper suggests the quality of your services, if you are able to spend money on a quality paper, means that you respect your clients and first impression always matters when you want to convince a client.

Before you can even think of designing your brochure you need to be thorough with graphic designing and editing software like Adobe Photoshop and MS-Publisher, as well as, word formatting software like MS-Word. After these pre-requisites are taken care of, you will be ready to start designing a brochure for your health and wellness centre. Make sure you keep three things in mind.

1. Including the Right Content

If you are designing a brochure for a health and wellness center, then make sure that the content you include actually has the effect of encouraging people to try out your center. Do not merely include dry and mundane information about the importance of exercise. Make sure that you include information about the services, equipment and programs that the center has to offer but not at the cost of omitting vital details like the location. Try to consciously   your center. Do your best to make your center stand out from it’s competitors and try to convince them of the benefits of joining your center.

Remember that the perfect brochure should be as informative as possible.

2. Choosing the Right Pictures

The first cover page usually leaves a lasting impression in the mind of the reader. Therefore, try to make your cover page attractive and visually striking. Another recommended practice is to use pictures that are relevant to the text as much as possible. So, include pictures of the health center, the staff, and equipment. This makes the brochure seem coherent and well thought out which can only work for your advantage. Another thing to keep in mind when designing a brochure is, always use high resolution photos so that your brochure does not look cheap and blurry.

3. Formatting the Content

Make sure that you format both the textual and visual content into an articulate and coherent framework. This is a highly effective strategy that serves to attract a large number of potential clients. Brochures for cheap prices are not difficult to procure, so test print a large number of alternative designs to see what looks best on your brochure.

Some common tactics and strategies include the addition of attractive headlines, sub-headlines and taglines. They usually make a dull mundane brochure more memorable. Finally, make sure that the text is easy to read and that the pictures are relevant. Basically, incorporate the text and the visuals into a comprehensive and visually striking package, so it will be hard to forget

Designing a brochure is not as hard as it sounds. It gets much easier practice However, if you are just starting out, the above mentioned tips should be of some help.

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