Depression Symptoms – Causes And Treatment


Depression is a state of mental illness in which a whole body feels illness, involving your mental health as well. Your moods and thoughts are pathetic for yourself and for other things. Out of every eight people one is affected by depression. A deep state of depression affects eating, sleeping and all the other activities of life. Depression is a disorder that directly affects the mental state of people and they start taking pity on themselves. Different people face different volume of depression and the reaction also vary from person to person. A very high state of depression can also trigger the suicidal acts so it needs to be treated in time. Sometimes a mild depression is cured with the time but if it prolongs you need to be serious about the patient and should go to the psychiatrist for checkup.

The symptoms of depression are different according to the person’s nature and habits. The major symptoms, which you can observe in every depressive person, are given in detail.

  1. a) Change In Eating And Sleeping Habits

A very clear symptom of depression is changes in eating and sleeping habits. Some people have high intake of food and sleep more than usual in depression and some avoid food and complain lack of sleep. If there is a change in both the habits or any one of them you should take a look at it that what is happening.

  1. b)    Change In Physical Aspect

Most of the people complain fatigue in muscles and they feel tired all the time. They feel aches and pains and they are restless and cannot sit still. Due to loss of appetite they loose weight and feel weak. That is the reason they do not take interest in any activity.

  1. c)     Change In Thinking And Feelings

Many people while going through depression have a pathetic thinking regarding themselves and the things belonging to them. Due to depression they feel a state of sadness, poor self esteem, feelings of guilt and criticism on their own.

They are going through destruction of personality and this is the reason they cannot concentrate on anything and lack decision-making. They also complain memory loss and feel hard to explain things to others.

Causes of Depression:

A state of depression can be caused by many reasons. It specifically depends on every person’s perspective. If anything unhappy and unhealthy occurs which a person was not expecting he can face depression.

In this era where life is so complex majority confront depression because of financial issues, unhealthy relationships and lack of patience in most of the people. In most of the cases it was obvious that a high expectation from any person or any goal that was not accomplished caused depression.

Death of love one is another cause in some cases.

So it depends what is on the mind of person and how serious and concerned a person is about the specific matter. Sometimes a very minute action of one can trigger depression to any other who is really concerned to him or her.

Treatment of Depression:

Depression is a disorder and it needs to be treated as well. A mild depression can be cured itself with a time but severe depression needs proper treatment.

  1. a) Self Treatment

Self treatment is more appropriate if a patient knows he is depressive and it needs to be cured. A best way to cure yourself is to indulge in the activities you love. If you love doing painting, go for it. If you love reading books engage yourself in reading as many books it will help you to come out of the thoughts that make you depressive.

  1. b)    Moving With Friends

A very nice treatment you can apply is to enjoy the company of your friends. Friends are the best companions in my opinion. You can have a lot of fun when you are with your friends. It will vanish away your depression.

  1. c) Medication

A very last option is to go to the psychiatrist. Extreme depression needs proper treatment and doctor can help you the best. Therapies and medication will help curing depression well. If for any reason you cannot take medication, alternative treatments like TMS are always a good option.

Do not hesitate if you feel you need a doctor. Life is for once and a happy healthy life is above all.

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