Denturist Vs Dentist – What’s The Difference?

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At first thought, one can be forgiven for thinking a denturist and dentist are one and the same. But as with every broad medical profession, such as a doctor, there are always specialized sub- categories and experts in any particular avenue of health care, such as a cardiologist, oncologist and in the case of dentistry – a denturist.

A denturist is a specialist who makes, fits and measures for both partial and full dentures. Whilst a dentist works towards preventative and topical treatment of such ailments as cavities, tooth-decay, and tooth pain, a denturist specializes in the cosmetic replacement and reconstruction of a person’s teeth.

Whilst the creation and ‘fitting’ of removable prosthodontics is the focus of their profession, a denturist can also help with the repair of broken or chipped dentures and the adjustment of poorly fitting false teeth.

Some dentists, such as in Britain, can take on the role of both practices, however, they will generally only measure and fit a set of dentures rather than fabricate them. For this, they will send their requirements off to a specialist laboratory for the dentures manufacture, having taken impressions of the gum line and any remaining teeth.

But dentures are not the sole requirement of a patient visiting a denturist. Denturist’s also specialize in preventative care. Often referred by their fellow mouth care colleagues, a dentist may recommend a visit to a denturist when a patient requires a mouth guard. Mouth guards are used for many reasons, some of which include teeth grinding, as an anti-snoring device and for impact sports enthusiasts, in order to protect their natural teeth.

However, whilst the professions of dentist and denturist contain separate roles in dental care, they work hand in hand to ensure your smile is at its best. For those patients sporting only particle dentures or bridges, a routine trip to both a dentist and denturist is an annual requirement, to ensure that their remaining teeth are healthy and that their dentures are in alignment and supporting, not pushing against, their remaining teeth.

In all aspects of dentistry the goal is for a patient to have the healthiest mouth possible, however, it is also important to a patients self confidence to have a well maintain and dazzling smile. A denturist can aid a patient in both aspects, whilst reinforcing the jaw and preventing gaps, helping them to not only chew but smile with confidence. Preventative care is also a key  aspect of a denturist’s job description, just as much as it is a dentists. Whilst a dentist can aid you in preventing tooth loss and maintaining a naturally white smile, so too can a denturist help with repairing and maintaining a healthy mouth. By offering bridges to cover gaps caused by lost teeth and replacing false teeth every few years to prevent deterioration,  visiting both a dentist and denturist can prove highly beneficial to your oral health.

For further information on dentures and oral care, speak to your local dentist or GP.

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