Dental X-Rays: A Safe and Risk-Free Procedure During Pregnancy?


Pregnancy is an exciting time and a crucial period in a woman’s life that calls for maintaining good overall health. As the body undergoes massive changes, it is vital not to abandon your oral health care routine. According to doctors, dental health has a significant impact on the mother’s overall health, which can also influence the baby.

Which dental treatments are safe for pregnant women?

Obstetricians and dentists all agree that women should adhere to their dental care routines even while pregnant. But, concerns about the safety of some dental procedures have proven to be a stumbling block. One such procedure that is of great concern for most pregnant women who visit is the safety of dental X-rays.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Questions over the safety of dental X-rays boil down to the radiation levels an individual is exposed to during the procedure. This is because of the risks that high radiation levels pose to pregnant women, including birth defects and miscarriage. An aspect that most people ignore when talking about radiation is how much it takes to cause these adverse effects.

According to the studies and reports on radiology, dental X-rays use extremely low levels of radiation. A single dose is, therefore, not high enough to affect either the mother or baby. For any harm to happen, an expectant mother will need exposure to radiation levels over 2500 times that amount.

Today, extra safety measures are also taken by dentists when a woman is getting an X-ray during their pregnancy. This is done by covering the patient using a leaded apron and collar. These will cover the upper body and throat, minimizing the risks of radiation scattering into the body and affecting the baby.

For pregnant women who have never had dental X-rays in the past, it is normal for the apron to feel heavy. But, this extra layer of protection is safe to use regardless of the stage of pregnancy. It is only placed on a patient for a few minutes.

Making the smart choice about dental health during pregnancy

It is vital to let a dentist know if you are pregnant. This allows these specialists to develop a treatment plan that will work for the mother and the baby. Health advise from physicians, prescriptions, and medications that are taken during this period should also be discussed with the dentist.

This is important because pregnancy can make some dental conditions worse or introduce new ones. For example, the mother might have hormonal changes that lead to pregnancy gingivitis. Other factors such as morning sickness can also increase the amounts of acid in the mouth, leading to increased risk of tooth decay. This means the dentist will need to pay extra attention to the possibilities of these risks affecting the mother’s oral health.

If there are questions about the mother’s current oral health, dental X-rays might be recommended. The odds are raised if it is a dental emergency, and a better overview of the interior of teeth and gum is required. This is because dental X-rays are critical to detecting dental issues before they become severe.

As a pregnant woman, there is never a reason to stop dental treatments for fear of your safety or the baby. Dental X-rays are no exception and will only be performed after an evaluation of the mother’s condition.

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