Dental Metals May Cause Illness

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Dental metals are responsible for many illnesses. I personally know of people who have gone through colon, liver, and kidney cleanses, have ridden their body of parasites, have stopped consuming processed foods and soda, and have quit smoking cigarette; yet, they still get sick frequently.

If you belong to this group of people, I suggest you look into your mouth for the possible cause. Check for the presence of any root canal, and dental metals. Dental metals have been widely recognized as having a devastating impact on people’s health.

Studies have shown that more than 50% of all degenerative diseases and illnesses, are directly or indirectly linked to dental metals. For examples, dental metals cause Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, headaches, and lack energy, are many of the leading symptoms of dental metals. Dental metals are also responsible for depression, stress, anxiety, lack of concentration, kidney disorders, and many other ailments.

All dental metals contain serious toxins that negatively interact with your liver, thyroid, spleen, and other critical organs in your body. These toxins render most of your body functions inefficient, which ultimately leads to diseases, and all sorts of health complications.

Mercury and Dental Amalgam

Mercury is used in dental amalgam because it makes the metal malleable. Typically, mercury is blended with other metals, to make the resulting compound (called amalgam), soft enough to mold around the tooth.

The fact is that, though everyone is exposed to mercury in infinitely small amounts, through contact with air, soil, food, and drinking water, these low levels of mercury are not damaging to our body.

However, when implanted in your teeth, the mercury blend begins to leak over time (due to amalgam wear and tear), in small quantities into the body. This mercury leak is responsible for many of the health issues cited above

What should you do about your Dental Metals?

If you are reading this article, open your mouth and take a good look. You may have done dental metal procedures years ago, that you have forgotten about. If so, I would highly encourage you to remove all your dental metals and root canals. You will be amazed at the many health benefits that will result from these actions. Previous unexplainable illness symptoms will vanish, and your immune system will get a massive boost.

Dental Metals – Final Words

Over the course of the last century, there has been an increasing interest in the negative effects of dental metals. Whether your dental fillings are made of nickel, palladium, gold, inorganic mercury, cadmium, titanium, lead, tin, copper, silver, aluminum, or platinum, remove them altogether. The overwhelming conclusion is that no dental metal is safe and there are good alternatives which has the same result and probably is more beautiful than a shiny metal but its just your choice. If you have other sugestions, please don’t hesitate to write in comments what you think !

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