Dental Issues that Need an Emergency Dentist

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Dental emergencies are issues where the teeth should be treated by a dental health provider immediately. In most cases, people with toothaches are in need of immediate extraction or a root canal surgery to relieve their pain. However, not all emergencies involve pain. It’s very important to know the kind of emergencies out there to make sure that you avoid an unnecessary trip to a hospital emergency room. There are injuries that require immediate dental attention and there are some that can wait until business hours.

Teeth fractures or trauma from accidents require immediate treatment. Sports like rugby, softball, basketball, or soccer can result in broken or cracked teeth if the player is not careful. Dental trauma can occur on the tooth’s surrounding bone or the tissues inside it. There are viral infections on an impacted tooth that require immediate restoration. A restoration or a filling that falls off also require immediate attention as this can affect eating and pronouncing of words to the affected person. There are cases when minor fractures can occur but they can wait until normal business hours to schedule a trip to the dentist.

Temporary Fix for Common Dental Emergencies

Crown Falling Off

If you happen to lose a tooth’s crown in the middle of the night, you can dab a wax or toothpaste to temporarily attach the crown back. Do not lose the crown and call your dental care provider first thing in the morning for a more permanent reattachment solution.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If the tooth is a permanent one, carefully place it back to the socket where it was dislodged. Do not touch the root if possible. Try to reattach it using a preservation product. Bite on wet gauze or a tea bag. If possible, keep the tooth moist with your saliva but do not swallow it. If you can’t keep it between your mouth and your gums, you can moisten by placing it in a container filled with milk. You can visit sites such as to know more about what to do on a knocked-out tooth.

Cracked Teeth

When some parts of your teeth have cracked, gently rinse your mouth using warm water. If there’s a pain, use a cold compress. Apply the compress to the area that is swelling. Rinse off visible dirt and if there’s bleeding, cold compresses can help stop it. Clean the mouth thoroughly and call your dentist and ask for a pain reliever if you can’t get to her clinic right away.


There are times when toothaches become unbearable because of abscesses. You might consider an extraction because it is not possible to save the impacted tooth anymore. There are cases when food debris becomes stuck between teeth and they cause the pain. If this is the case, floss, and brush carefully the areas between the teeth. If the swelling and the burning sensation are caused by tooth decay, contact your dentist right away and let him know about your situation.

Precautions to Avoid Emergencies

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  • Always wear a mouthguard when participating in any kind of sports

  • Do not chew hard candies, apples, ice, or popcorn to avoid cracking a tooth

  • Do not use your teeth for cutting things such as thread or packaging of detergent

Fortunately, there are clinics that cater to patients who need emergency attention on evenings or weekends. Call your dentist anyway regardless if they cater to emergencies or not. There are good chances that they can offer immediate assistance if there’s significant pain involved. After your initial call, some of them will call you back during the next business hour and relieve you from toothaches and cure your broken tooth. There are some of that can provide guidance on the things that should be done at the moment to minimize damage.

Accidents and dental emergencies happen when you least expected it. The most important thing is that you know what to do with your present situation to prevent further harm. Fortunately, there are dental care providers who are at your service any time of the day. They can schedule you for a quick visit if you are experiencing toothache or injury that needs attention. Their immediate response can make a huge difference for many people who are in need of help at unexpected times.

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