Dental Issues That Make Tooth Extraction Your Only Option

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Tooth extraction does not necessarily mean that there is an issue with your dentition. Your dentist might recommend an extraction when you have crooked teeth resulting from overcrowding. Daniel Park, a  cosmetic and general dentist in Beaumont, CA, opines that sometimes an extraction helps create space in your mouth to accommodate your pearly whites. In most instances, your dentist might suggest removing your back molars to help your teeth adjust and align in their rightful positions. Extracting your perky wisdom teeth may also be a recommendation, especially if you have impacted teeth.

When is tooth extraction the only option?

Your dentist will most likely advise you that preserving your natural teeth is the only way to help enhance your oral health. However, sometimes an extraction might be your only option. For instance, your dentist may recommend the treatment to alleviate your painful symptoms, eliminate the problem or save your adjacent teeth.

There are two primary kinds of extraction, surgical extraction and simple extraction. Your dentist will suggest a surgical extraction when your crowns fail to emerge through your gums. In such an instance, your dentist might make an incision to access your tooth from under your gum tissue or break the tooth into several pieces to allow for a less invasive procedure. On the other hand, the medical professional may recommend a simple extraction when your crown is above the gum line and the tooth is severely damaged or to pave the way for spacing.

Why are the benefits of extracting your wisdom teeth?

You are likely to extract your back molars because your dentist suggested so. One of the things the medical professional must have mentioned was that the teeth were a misfit and would cause you dental issues. While the reason is valid, other benefits you are likely to experience with wisdom teeth extraction include:

  •         Minimal orthodontic problems

Eruption of wisdom teeth results in overcrowding, causing damage to your adjacent molars. When you do not have enough room in your mouth to accommodate the extra dentition, you will most likely have alignment issues, with your misaligned teeth eventually pushing your other teeth out of position. As a result, your dentist might recommend braces or a complex procedure to help address the misalignment. Unfortunately, if you already have braces, the erupting wisdom teeth might make it difficult for you to achieve your desired smile.

  •         Lessen your risk of gum inflammation

An impacted wisdom tooth makes it easy for plaque to accumulate in your gums, resulting in gum inflammation. Infections that affect your gums are challenging to treat because they might infect your nerves and enter your bloodstream (sepsis). Sepsis can be life-threatening, especially if the condition affects various parts of your body.

  •         Reduced orofacial pain

Besides lowering your risk of developing gum infections, extracting your perky back molars may help ease your discomfort. The procedure will enhance your life quality by alleviating pressure and minimizing tooth and gum sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy the foods and drinks you love.

Though losing a tooth might be your last option, sometimes letting go of the pearly white is the only way to achieve your desired smile. Contact your dentist to know how tooth extraction can help you own your smile.

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