Dental Crowns: How Long Will They Last?

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Dental professionals provide a variety of services for patients that address oral health and protect their teeth and gums. The services include reconstruction, preventative, and cosmetic, and they apply to a multitude of conditions. Dental crowns are a great way to restore the smile and make patients look their best.

Why Do Dentists Install Dental Crowns?

Dentists provide dental crowns as a way to correct tooth damage and prevent further damage from happening. The crowns are installed over teeth that have been repaired and when the dentist performs a root canal surgery. The devices look like the natural tooth and cover the affected tooth to restore the smile. The dental professionals offer the dental crowns after they have completed several repairs on the natural tooth that have failed. Dental patients can find out more about Same Day Crowns by contacting their preferred dental professionals now.

How Are They Installed?

Dental professionals install dental crowns by creating a mold of the natural tooth for the production of the dental crown. Next, the natural tooth is ground into a cone-like shape. The dental professional will drill out any decay from the tooth and use a composite resin into the cavities to repair the tooth. The dental crown is installed over the natural tooth, and it is connected with professional-grade adhesive and an abutment. The dental professional evaluates the installation to ensure that the dental crown stays in place and functions like a natural tooth.

Coverage Through Dental Insurance

Dental patients can get coverage for dental crowns if the devices will be installed to protect or repair a tooth. The insurance will not cover crowns that are used just for aesthetic reasons such as covering discoloration. The dental coverage won’t provide a lot of coverage for elective procedures that are considered cosmetic.

What Can Affect the Dental Crowns?

Several factors can lead to dental crown damage and decrease their use-value. Patients are advised to avoid smoking and any foods or beverages that are acidic that can cause damage. The dental professional explains preventative measures for protecting the dental crown and keeping it white and intact. The dentist explains what products to use to prevent damage and keep their teeth and gums healthier.

Will They Need Maintenance for the Crowns?

Patients will need to follow steps to maintain the crown such as avoiding toothpaste that has whitening effects as they can break down the composite resin used to create the dental crowns. They will need to avoid harder foods that could break the dental crown and lead to repairs. The patient will need to visit their dental professional for checkups and assessment or their dental crown installation. If they notice any damage or chips in the crown, the patient needs to set up an appointment with their dentist to get the crown repaired or replaced. The average longevity of the dental crown is a maximum of ten years.

Dental patients need services to improve their smiles and address their oral care needs. Dental crowns are a beneficial way to correct tooth damage and make the smile look more aesthetically pleasing. The crowns are installed over natural teeth and provide the same functions as a natural tooth. Most dental insurance policies pay for dental crowns if they are used for restorative reasons. Dental patients get the full benefit of the crowns by following precautions for reducing potential damage.

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