Deadly Flu Outbreak Shocks Americans across the Nation

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During the past few months, it has been nearly impossible not to hear about the recent flu outbreak. People of all backgrounds and those of all ages have already fallen victim to the flu and it has gotten Americans afraid for their safety and health. In fact, the deadly flu has already take the lives of the young, healthy and even a marathon runner. What do Americans need to know about the recent flu outbreak? You’ll find out below.

The Influenza A Virus

First and foremost, Americans need to realize what they’re dealing with. When the news speaks about the flu this year, they’re actually talking about the Influenza A (H3N2) strain. This specific flu strain usually targets the elderly and the young. However, it was recently revealed that the flu can really impact anyone and everyone. Even those in immaculate health can be targeted by this specific strain. So, people are preparing the best they can to avoid this illness.

Some have sought out an online doctor prescription Modafinil, while others are now wearing protective masks around town.

The Victims

Thus far, the deadly flu outbreak has taken many lives. One of the youngest victims was a seven-year-old girl by the name of Savanna Jessie. The young girl tested positive for strep throat, scarlet fever and influenza B right before her death. She lived with her father in Columbus, Indiana before her sudden and shocking death on February the 1st of this year. An official cause of death for the young girl has not yet been released, as further tests are pending. Also, 15-year-old Kira Molina became a victim of the flu.

After exhibiting symptoms of the flu, Kira was transported to a local clinic in Newnan, Georgia. Unfortunately, the tests came back negative. Several days later, the girl was discovered unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital. She died of Influenza A on January 30, 2018. Other victims include 5-year-old Eli Snook, 7-year-old Kevin Baynes Jr., and 47-year-old Katherine Acton. Acton was actually a trainer and was considered one of the healthier people in the local community.

The lineup of victims confirms that anyone can fall prey to this year’s flu epidemic. With that being said, all Americans need to take steps to protect themselves.

Taking Precautions

Life is totally uncertain and this flu is stronger than ever before. With that being said, the CDC is urging all Americans to take steps to protect themselves this flu season. First and foremost, the organization is encouraging all Americans to get their yearly flu vaccine. This is considered a crucial step in keeping the flu at bay. Some doctors also suggest purchasing modafinil from Afinil Express. The medication has been known to help to some degree. The CDC also suggests taking everyday preventive actions, such as avoiding those that have already gotten ill.

Also, be sure to wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand cleaner when soap and water are not available. Take precautions and you may be able to avoid becoming a victim of this year’s flu.

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