Daily Meditation Benefits & Techniques

Daily Meditation Benefits and Techniques!

The benefits of daily meditation are varied and analysis has shown that with regular practice meditation might facilitate lower blood pressure, cut back stress, boost immune performance and improve mood with as little as twenty minutes practice on a daily basis.

people practicing meditation

There are many various meditation techniques however all of them have one thing in common, the method takes you out of the conditioned mind and unveils access to the non conditioned mind. The key to meditation is to search out a way that you just relish and offers you the simplest results, once it’s gratifying it’s sustainable.

 How to meditate

To begin your daily meditation practice, opt for a clean uncluttered space where you may not be disturbed and notice a position that feels snug for you, and sit along with your back straight however not tense. Don’t rush straight into the meditation sit quietly for a couple of moments, breathe naturally and relax into a comfortable posture and choose which meditation technique to use.

When meditating you’ll target and refine your perception of objects using any of your senses. You’ll use the sound of your own breath a mantra or quiet music to focus your attention. You’ll use visual symbols like a candlelight, an image of a sunset or a loved one. you can even use the sense of smell to expand your consciousness. Typically it’s helpful to alternate each technique you employ depending on your current state of mind. once your mind begins to wander gently bring your attention back to your chosen technique. Don’t become annoyed and try to force your mind to shut up, this may have the opposite effect; all you’ll accomplish is additional mental chatter.

Meditation breathing techniques

Almost all meditations involve learning breathing techniques. once you observe controlled breathing your breathing begins to slow, which leads to a decrease in blood pressure, and your stress hormones begin to fall this alone can provide several health advantages. You’ll additionally use the breath to focus your attention once your mind begins to wonder, which it will. you can not stop thoughts from coming into your mind, however you’ll opt to allow them to pass.

One of the best breathing techniques is the So-Hom meditation. during this meditation you mix the attention of your breath with the recitation of a mantra.

So-Hom meditation

To begin shut your eyes and breathe naturally, ideally through your nostrils and become alert to your breath as you gently inhale and exhale. Don’t attempt to control your breath, simply breathe naturally and become alert to the feeling of your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. When you’re comfortable and relaxed use this sensation as the focus of your meditation.

With so Hum breathing you internally say the word so with each inhalation and also the word Hom with each exhalation. As you practice this method distracting thoughts can enter your mind, once this happens merely bring your awareness back to the feeling of your breath. This might sound straightforward however you’ll learn it takes time to  apply.

Buddhist Meditation 

Buddhist Meditation

Another technique is a Buddhist breathing meditation known as OM-AH-HUM. this technique is incredibly similar to the primary meditation only it takes a bit additional focus, that in turn can cause fewer distractions. With this meditation you combine the in breath with the word OM, then you hold your breath for the word AH, and unleash your breath to the word HUM. Identical principles apply with this meditation, once you realize your mind has wondered and is following your thoughts now bring your attention back to your breath.

Zen meditation

Breath counting is another straightforward technique utilized in Zen meditation. to start sit in a very comfy position together with your spine straight and head inclined slightly forward. Gently shut your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths and let the breath flow naturally while not attempting to influence it.

To begin the exercise count “one” to your self as you exhale, the next time you exhale count “two” and repeat this up to the number “five” then begin a brand new cycle, at number “one” on the next exhalation. Only count once you exhale, and never count beyond “five”.

You will recognize your attention has wondered once you find yourself up to “seven” or “ten”.

Meditation is like any ability, it needs practice, hold back be patient allow your self time to develop every technique to realize optimum results.

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