Cyprus : Unpopular But Extremely Beautiful Place For A Great Vacation

Cyprus - Larnaca

If you’ve never visited Cyprus before, put it on your list. If you live in America the trip will be expensive, but for those who live in Europe, the flight is much shorter and the price is lower. You can also try to use companies that offer cheap tickets to popular destinations. The country is wonderful because there is a beach nearly everywhere you go and the weather is great. Being an island in the Mediterranean definitely has its advantages. During my visit, I spent an entire summer living with my grandparents a few years ago. Even though it has been a few years since my visit, I vividly remember the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the country. Please come along while I share with you some of my fondest experiences in Cyprus.

First let us stop by my grandfather’s coffee shop. There were three coffee shops in a village called Tris Elies, but his was the most popular because he was a fun loving charismatic fellow. The day consists of nothing more then drinking coffee, talking to the locals, playing backgammon, and taking naps when the mood strikes. Although this seems boring, there is not a moment during the trip when I was bored or dreaded visiting the coffee shop.

Next, let’s move on to the mountainous terrain and how amazing walking around the village was. Tris Elies was built on a mountain so the houses are sprawled on different levels with my grandfather’s house at the top. Talk about exercise, every trip out of the house was a workout. Everywhere I walked there was a view of the entire village. The scenery was breathtaking because the homes all had flowers and grape vines growing around. Each house has it’s own individual style and charm because they were build by the village people either fifty or one hundred years ago. The most beautiful sites though, are on the trails of the mountain. There are orchards all around the village with streams, stone bridges, fruit trees, and other amazing sights to feast your eyes on.

What I have described here was an amazing experience I had in Cyprus, but if you visit will your visit be the same? There is a tourist area in Cyprus that is just like any other, but Cyprus is changing. The villages are being quickly depopulated as the elderly natives pass away. The children of these people are receiving the land from their parents and turning the homes into single family hotels for visitors like yourself. Within the next ten or twenty years, Cyprus will have an amazing village experience for all people of the world so look out and have fun.

On the other side, if you prefer a more active lifestyle, you can choose the south of Cyprus, Larnaca is the most beautiful city on island, a chain of beaches are spread here. Near Larnaca you can find Agia Napa, the place where party has nearly no limits, some of tourists call it “Ibiza of East” and say that its more awesome than Ibiza. Thousands of russian and british tourists visit Cyprus just for Agia Napa every year.

Where have you been recently? I’d love to hear your stories- comment below!

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