Cut the Budget and Lose the Pounds: Just Some Pointers and Tips

Yes, you may have been surprised by the bold pronouncement but yes, this is a possible feat to triumph at.

While yes and admittedly, the weight loss industry has been bombarded with pills, injections, diet formulas, lose-weight-miraculously equipment and have-those-abs gadgets but this does not mean that we can’t revert back to the good old days and enjoy a body that is really fit and sexy.

Cut the Budget

Here are but a few ways to lose those extra pounds in an efficient and cost-effective manner:

Be hypercritical of the price.

It is but normal to feel delighted seeing prices drop from the regular price but if you have to carefully look at such mark-down, you will be surprised at the ulterior reason. Additionally, you might also find that purchasing goods wrapped in smaller packages is actually more expensive than buying the ones in larger packages.

Take time in buying your needs as you will find out that there are better bargains and bargains which are really not discounted at all.

Enjoy the leftovers.

Most of the time, after we eat, there will be leftovers that unfortunately go straight to the bin and just end up as wasted stuffs. Enjoy the leftovers! Instead of putting them away for the roaches and rodents, it’s a very economical, wise and cost-effective idea to patiently scrape the leftover and put them in a container to be stored in the refrigerator.

This way, when you feel hungry tomorrow and you just don’t want to cook or are just lazy somehow, you can reheat your leftover and you have something for yourself. You don’t only save money but you are eating healthily especially if you were the one who painstakingly prepared the home-cooked meal.

An alternative to expensive gyms.

Gyms are sometimes costly, that is one proven fact so, instead of registering for the gym, you can always choose to exercise at home. Why not buy DVDs or switch to channels offering exercise lessons? You can always check the internet for other videos that might help you in exercising. If the aforementioned do not sit well with you, you can always form a group of your own and seek the assistance of a qualified trainer.

Prepare larger portions.

The reason why you have to make bigger portions is that, even with a busy schedule, bigger portions can be divided into smaller portions making, say, a home-cooked meal stretched from dinner to breakfast and even to lunch of the following day.

Assign a meat-free day.

Vegetables are way cheaper than meat in most cases. And so, you might want to assign one day in a week to be exclusively dedicated for the family to eat meat, the rest of the days would be for veggies. There will be protests in the beginning but once your family is accustomed to such rule and to the taste of vegetables, all will be well. You are richer yet you are lighter.

Patronize fresh produce.

While it is easier to go to the grocery store and buy yourself foods, you will find it very rewarding, less expensive and healthier if you choose the wet market or the farmer’s market. You will be surprised at the difference you will experience.

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