Cultivate Your Beauty from Within

There are so many depths and emotion and vibrancy in just saying the word beauty. Beauty is your soul seeping through your pores. Beauty is compassion. Beauty is a kindness. Beauty is feeling confident in who you are and that is what we should all embrace.

Beauty has a million definitions and beauty is definitely individual. It’s a feeling of authenticity, it’s feeling someone’s vibe, having self-esteem and it varies from culture to person. It’s such a personal word and most people just kind of make up their definition as they go along.

If you’ve ever felt invincible at times that is oftentimes because of how beautiful you feel inside. Beauty is a little bit indefinable but it’s something that provokes and elicits a feeling. It’s energy and adventure and can be experienced both internally and externally.

green tea beauty

Beauty is whatever you resonate with most and you can see beauty everywhere and in everything if only you would take the time to look. As the old saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Every person has their own feelings about beauty.

Beauty is God’s artistic expression within you. It always shines from the inside out. You can experience beauty when you slow down long enough to have an intimate conversation with someone and really get to know them.

There are a billion shades of beauty on the planet just by their mere existence alone. The world tries to orchestrate a cookie cutter definition of what it means to be beautiful but there is no way possible that everyone can live up to such made up standards and neither should they try to.

Women spend so much time, money and effort trying to transform their bodies, hair, nose, lips, thighs and butts into what they see being depicted on magazine covers. They compare themselves to the airbrushed images and often feel less than beautiful when they don’t feel like they measure up.

Everyone should embrace what they feel is beautiful and then go out and create it for themselves.

•    There are so many people looking at the outward appearance trying to see beauty but lasting beauty is when you can see the heart. Beauty is something real and it’s so much more than hair, makeup, pretty clothes and your outward appearance.
•    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing your hair and makeup and putting on cute clothes, this can be so much fun. It’s not a sin to care about your outward appearance but all of these means nothing if you’re not able to walk in boldness and confidence because you don’t think you’re beautiful enough.

We’ve all been given the wrong idea of what conventional beauty is supposed to be. Beauty is not about a certain size, a certain age or a certain look. No two people were made to look alike. To find the real beauty you can’t just adorn your outward appearance, you have to search much deeper within. True beauty can only be found within and to get there you need to make sure your heart is right.

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