Cryptocurrencies to Buy Ahead of the Next Crypto Bull Run

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The cryptocurrency market differs from traditional markets in that it is incredibly volatile. While traditional currencies are issued by banks and can be topped up as needed, the issuance of cryptocurrencies is not dependent on governments or banks.

Prices on cryptocurrency exchanges can change by the minute. Slight daily fluctuations allow traders to make partial profits several times a day, while strong upward movements enable long-term investors to earn large sums of money.

The value of cryptocurrencies changes according to market trends. As in traditional markets, the cryptocurrency market uses the terms downtrend and uptrend:

  1. A bullish trend indicates rising prices
  2. A bearish trend is a downtrend – the market decline in which prices generally fall.

In this article, we will examine bullish market trends in more detail and mention the assets worth buying before the next bull run starts.

Here is the list of top cryptocurrencies to purchase before the trend changes:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cardano
  • Ethereum
  • XRP
  • Dash.

All these assets are available on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

What does Bull Trend Stand for?

An uptrend refers to optimistic investor sentiment about future crypto prices. When the value of a cryptocurrency rises rapidly and shows a significant increase over a short period of time, it is an uptrend. Compared to traditional financial markets, digital assets are smaller and much more volatile, meaning that any bull market can increase in price by 40% in just a few days.

Many inexperienced investors mistakenly buy crypto during a bull market following the general trend and optimism. However, as a downtrend follows every uptrend, it is better to wait for the market to go down a bit and only enter when crypto prices get lower. This way, you will be able to spend less money on cryptocurrency purchases.

The WhiteBIT platform can be used for high-quality and convenient investment of digital assets. It offers solid security for clients and their funds, more than 450 cryptocurrency pairs to trade, a convenient interface suitable for both beginners and advanced users, and various trading tools that can make you wealthy in the short and long term.

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