Creative Ways to Implement Chia Seeds Into Your Diet

chia seeds

Chia seed is considered a superfood because of its nutrient qualities and quantities despite its small size. This powerful seed is loaded with omega3 fatty acids, fibers, proteins, calcium, and antioxidants. Chicago`s best weight loss expert will discuss the manner of adding chia seed to your balanced diet and use its benefits to your advantage. Chia seed can be consumed as one side ingredient or included in many different ways. There are many approaches to consuming this nutrient-dense food.


Chia seeds’ ability to absorb water makes them an ideal ingredient for making pudding, overnight oats, and oatmeals. Mixtures with water can pronounce gel-like form, suitable for making smoothies and puddings with added fruit, nuts, and vegetables.


Mix chia seed juice with fruit juice. Place chia seed in the glass of water overnight and then mix it with your favorite fruit juice. This easy way will provide your daily requirements for chia seed alongside vitamins.

A “Mexican lemonade” is a refreshing drink made of water or coconut water, lime or lemon juice, and chia seeds. It is a natural energy drink also known as “Chia Fresca”.

Salad dressing

With no particular taste, chia seed goes well with almost every fruit and vegetable. Sprinkled in fruit or vegetable salad will increase nutrition intake.

Substitute for eggs

Chia seed is a great replacement for eggs in vegan or vegetarian meals and snacks. In ratio 1:6 chia seed and water can be used in any recipe instead of eggs. One egg equals 1tablespoon of chia seeds soaked in 2 tablespoons of water.


Chai seed usage in jams is because of its capacity to absorb water and can substitute pectin. This characteristic allows avoiding additional sugar in jams and makes it a healthier solution.

Bread and other bakery goodies

Try adding chia seeds to the dough mixture of oat, breadcrumbs, almond flour, and refined flour. Chia seeds can participate in most bakery products such as breakfast muffins, banana bread, and in a cake coating mixture for a healthier alternative.

Energy Bar

The energy bar is a great snack solution for between meals. Chia seeds work amazingly as ingredients in energy bars because of their protein saturation and will provide an energy boost. Mix chia seed with coconut, dark chocolate, vanilla, dates and dried fruit. This will be a great natural homemade granola filled with fibre and proteins.


Sprinkling milled chia seeds over Greek yogurt or desserts you will have a Nutri-packed and delicious topping.

Cereal breakfast

Cereal and muesli breakfast is usually a mix of wheat, brans, oats, rice, corn, grain, and dry or fresh fruit. Include chia seed in this mixture for an energy-filled breakfast to start a day.


As flavorless, chia seeds go well with both sweet and savory dishes. You can add chia seed with roasted vegetables prepared with oil, soil, and pepper, for a light and tasty dinner.

Broths and soups

Use chia seed in advance of flour. Adding chia will make thick the gravy, and it is a healthier substitution for flour.

After deciding to add this beneficial seed to your diet, think about its storage. Keep chai seeds in the glass jar in the refrigerator to expand their shelf life and preserve their grain full characteristics.

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