Controlling Childhood Allergies

Living with allergies can be hard, and a real pain, but imagine how children with allergies feel. It can be a most aggravating condition to deal with but by developing a certain routine you too can learn to control your child’s allergic reactions within the home.

Dust mites are a major bummer when it comes to childhood allergies. They are everywhere in the home and they prefer the bedroom. Blankets, sheets and pillows are a favorite and this is where your child spends his hours trying to rest. So in an effort to make it easier on your child, begin by purchasing synthetic polyester-fill pillows and comforters. Feather-fill and down pillows are wonderful attractants for mites. Dust mite-proof covers are available for all of your bedding needs and can be a breath of fresh air for anyone with allergies.

Controlling Childhood Allergies

To reduce the risk of harboring dust mites in your child’s room, shoot for a room without carpet or upholstered furniture. Tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors are the best bet. To keep your child’s feet from getting cold in the winter, you can opt to put runner-throw rugs along the floor but be sure to wash in hot water weekly, along with the child’s bedding. Don’t forget to dust and vacuum weekly as this can be a crucial step in preventing the accumulation of problem-causing dust.

The more shelving in your child’s room the more dust; idle and stationary decorative items on the shelves can be a superb attractant for dust and debris. So be aware that the less stuff there is lying around, the less dust can be attracted to it. Even stuffed animals carry dust and allergy promoting materials on them. So be selective when placing them on the bed. Choose a few select items that your child has chosen as ‘fav’s’ and be sure to wash them weekly. Any stuffed animals that wind-up on the bed should receive the same treatment.

The simplest step toward removing general debris from the air in your home is to change the central air unit filter at least once a month. Some families change their filter bi-monthly for best performance. If there are any smokers in the household take into consideration the effects of the smoke on the child and consider smoking outside. The smoke gets trapped in the carpet and upholstery around the house and this just as easily effects the child upon return to a room that has been smoked in. the safest bet is to keep the smoke away from any child.

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