Conquer Your Cravings, 3 Tricks to Try Now!

Are you trying to lose those last 10 pounds? If so, you’re not alone. At any given time, millions of folks are trying to make slight changes to the numbers on the scale. The reality is that if you’re almost at your goal weight, losing more weight can be trickier than you thought. In fact, the sheer frustration of losing those last few pounds can trigger stress eating. Now that the holidays are fast approaching, you need a game plan for battling your cravings before they take over or you hit a plateau. Below are my three solutions for keeping cravings at bay and avoiding caving in.

conquer food cravings

Solution #1: Remove overeating distractions. Keep tempting foods out of reach, and this starts with the kitchen. Chocolate chips, mini candies, and large bags of chips are culprits that really serve as diet traps. A handful of anything can become a meal in no time. Avoid keeping a jar of candy near your desk at work. Keep a large bottle of water handy to quench your thirst. The first sign of hunger is really a call for water so be sure to hydrate before you eat.

Solution #2: Grocery shop at a store you like. If you noticed, I used the word like instead of love. Shopping at the stores we love can be a danger zone. First, stores you love are full of sample kiosks with mouthwatering samples to try. Set-ups like this are designed to dull your senses, improve your shopping experience, and make you stay longer. Second, stores we love smell really good and the entire experience can cause us to eat more, buy more, and ultimately weigh more. Another tip is to shop early in the morning before the grind and before the shopping music gets revved up. Remember, like your store, shop early, and stay focused.

Solution #3: Sleep more. Studies have confirmed that sleep can benefit your body, including your waistline. Regular shut-eye along with a consistent bedtime can lead to reduced snacking, increased Leptin (the hormone that reduces hunger) and reduced stress. The ripple effect is powerful; more sleep means less stress that can trigger mindless or emotional eating. Check out our additional sleep tips here!

sleep more weigh less

If you need to drop those last few pounds, success could be as close as avoiding mindless snacking. A different way to look at things is what I like to call awareness fueling. Each time you hit the craving wall, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I really thirsty? When was the last time I drank a glass of water?
  • Is this the best snack or meal I can eat right now? If the answer is “no,” then search for the healthiest alternative.
  • Is there a pattern to my cravings? Am I reaching for snacks midday or after I put the kids down at bedtime?

Conquer mindless eating today and put an end to cravings. It can be done especially if you’re aware of your patterns. Whatever you do, don’t get off the wagon . You’ll be ahead of the pack soon!

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