Concierge Healthcare Practice – A Personalized Medical Experience


Concierge healthcare provision is one where a relationship exists between a patient and a physician in which a patient is required to pay an annual service fee. Normally, a concierge physician takes care of fewer people than healthcare professionals in the conventional medical practice.

This is fast becoming a trend as many people are concerned with traditional health care practice where doctors are overwhelmed by a high volume of patients that are covered by insurance under the new healthcare system.

The immediate benefit of concierge medicine is the personalized care and attention patients stand to get. It eliminates lengthy queues in crowded spaces that is popular with regular medical practice. Additionally, concierge physicians share personal contacts with patients providing unrestricted access whenever the need arises.

Concierge physicians also provide appointment same day they are booked or next day at most, prioritizing patients’ welfare. This creates a system where patients get personalized care and attention, helping doctors focus on patient’s needs whilst developing a relationship between both parties – A structure that has been eroded by conventional medical practice in recent years.

The benefit of concierge practice far outweighs access to a physician. The care given is an exceptional advantage because a smaller number of patients to attend to translates into better healthcare provision and attention.

Patients can spend more time in sharing information with the physician, while the physician doesn’t need to be in a rush to dismiss the patient – this gives the physician a better understanding of the patient’s state and tailor-suited programs can be prescribed for the patient’s well-being.

There are other benefits as well, a concierge physician accompanies patients should hospitalization be required or in situations where a visit to a specialist is required. Concierge physicians also accompany patients to emergency rooms and oversee the interests of patients both during and after admission.

Concierge physicians accompany patients when specialized treatments are required, these physicians are also available when house calls are needed allowing physicians and staffs the opportunity to carry out more evaluation to follow-up with the patient’s treatment, all this is done to ensure that lab, x-ray and specialist visits are carried out perfectly.

Recently, traditional medical practice is exposed to a challenge, the constant struggle to balance out the party between the doctor and the patient, the dreaded insurance provider. Some concierge physicians only provide services on a cash-alone basis and do not accept insurance of any kind – they have been renowned as direct care providers. The refusal to transact with intermediaries helps to keep overhead and administrative cost low thereby providing affordable health care services.

Some concierge physicians accept insurance, even Medicare, however, these physicians still demand an annual fee for services exclusive of what the insurance plan covers. it is also imperative to state that Concierge medicine is not a replacement for medical insurance. Besides physical exam services that may be charged in annual fees, concierge physician’s charge patients for medical services provided under their care.

If the normal traditional medical practice seems okay, then concierge medicine may not be sought after. However, if personalized health care with detailed attention is desired, then concierge medicine is worth patronizing.

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