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There are several researches and studies conducted and it is found that more than 26% of American adults are plagued by medical debts. Therefore, it is not surprising that people will look and are looking for easier alternative ways to pay their medical bills back.

According to a study conducted by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, the problem is found to exist not only amongst the uninsured exclusively but the insured patients are not spared from this debt trap either. In short, medical debts can and has crippled the financial state of people.

However, there is no easy, quick or magic solution to this problem. Even if you consider refinancing your medical debts with a personal loan carrying a lower rate of interest along with more affordable and favorable terms, it may help but still you will need to consider several aspects before you apply for such a loan. It is essential that you first exhaust all your available options with the hospital before you go ahead with the refinancing process.

Lot of help available

You can get a lot of help from different sources such as banks, other lines of credit and private financial organizations such as or any other but there are a few FAQs you must consider and find answers to make your medical debt more affordable.

FAQs for personal loan:

If you consider taking out an unsecured personal loan to help you cover the medical bills there are a few specific questions to ask to make sure that your health and your debt both are taken well care of.

  • About the loan: A medical bill personal loan will help you to cover the costs of all types of medical expenses that may include dental, any treatment or surgical process and more.
  • The working process: After you get an approval of the medical personal loan you will get the lump sum amount you applied for. You will have to repay it to the bank in regular monthly installments that will include the principal amount, interest and fees.
  • The interest rate: Your monthly repayment amount is not calculated on the reducing balance. Ideally, the rate of interest charged on your loan will largely depend on your credit score and credit history. Since this varies from person to person your monthly amount will not be the same as your friend.
  • The time factor: The time you will get to repay the medical personal loan will also vary according to your credit and financial condition. As per the policy of the lender and credit profile it may vary anywhere from 6 to 10 years.

Before the application process you must however find the right lender, the right loan, review the loan terms, borrowing limit, rate of interest, approval times, and the minimum requirement.

Facts for negotiation:

If you want to negotiate to reduce your medical debt with the hospital you must know about these following facts:

  • Do not stop or ignore your debt as the hospital can send your bills to collection
  • Visit your doctor or the billing department and explain everything clearly and honestly
  • You may also ask the hospital and especially non-profits for charity care that they may offer for the uninsured patients and low income families and
  • Ask for other financial aid programs the hospital may provide.

If you are unsure and if you want, you can take help of professional debt settlement service who will not only negotiate but will also review your medical bills to find any errors

Considerations for refinancing:

There is no guarantee that negotiating your medical debt with the doctor or hospital will always be successful. Therefore, when such an attempt fails and you still cannot find any source to make the payments, in that case, you can opt for refinancing your medical debt. This is an effective and useful solution that you should look into especially if you find that the interest rates on your other debts are too high. However, in this approach as well you will need some prior research to make your effort successful.

  • To start with, you should find out the best lenders that have a high reputation in the market and also have an excellent credit.
  • Once you find out a few sources you should now shop around for the best rates available.

Both these processes will help you to narrow down your search. Narrowing down your search to a couple of lenders and types of loans will make your search process easy and faster.

Next you should focus on negotiating for a better rate and loan. Remember, all lenders whether it is a traditional bank or any private money lender will have a lot of different options and policies to enable their clients to choose the best and most affordable one from these.

Apart from working on your process to take out a loan you must also make sure that you have enough resources to repay it. Therefore, you will be better off if you start working on the solution to overcome the struggling situation to pay off your medical bills simultaneously with your search for lenders and loans.

You may also try and call up the insurance company to find out if anything else can be done to make things easier for you to repay back the loan.

The final thought

When you are ready to go you should give it a final thought. This is the right time to do so because during your research you may have come to know of a few things that were previously unknown to you. For example, taking out a personal loan may or may be the best choice for you depending on the rate of interest of your medical debt.

Therefore, it is the right time to run the numbers you obtained during the research to get all the necessary details and also to find out whether you will come out ahead during the process with savings.

It is paramount, that whichever way you choose to repay your medical debt, you must always stay on top of all financial obligations and not ruin your credit.

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