Common Misconceptions About Tea


Tea, one of the biggest and the most popular kinds of beverages across the world, has many myths around it. So many people drink this beverage and yet, many people do not drink tea at all. Everyone has its preferences but because of its long history, tea has a number of misconceptions. Maybe the people who do not drink it made such misconceptions. On the other hand, it is also possible that these misconceptions became popular because of some false articles or books. In any case, the number of myths surrounding this popular beverage is significant.

However, you should not worry much in this regard. That is so because the following points will help you in finding out the truth behind most of the popular myths about tea. You will no longer live in ignorance in this case. These points will help you develop a clearer idea about tea as well. You will find out a lot of fascinating things. Maybe you are living believing in a number of misconceptions yourself, without knowing the reality behind them.

You can drink as much tea as you want

A big myth about tea is that you can drink it as much as you want. People who are avid drinkers of this beverage tend to consume many servings in a single day. Their day starts with tea and ends with tea. However, like any other thing, you should not consume too much tea. It has caffeine and a number of other substances that can be harmful if you will consume too much of them.

Tea is better than coffee and isn’t harmful


Tea vs coffee is a debated topic. Some people support tea while some argue in support of coffee. However, you cannot say which one is better. Each one of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Tea has few harmful effects if not many. Just like coffee, it contains caffeine that can lead to a number of adverse effects if a person consumes too much of the same. Moreover, tea also tends to damage the iron present in the body. Iron is an important mineral for our blood. The damage is small but it becomes considerable if the quantity of tea is too high.

Anyone can drink tea – even children

Some people should not drink tea. If the doctor has advised you to stay away from stimulants then you should not drink tea at all. Even though the caffeine present in tea is not as much harmful as coffee, it is caffeine after all. Some people are sensitive to caffeine and they should stay away from tea as well.

No, children should not drink tea because of a number of factors. Many studies show that drinking tea is harmful for kids of any age. Therefore, you cannot give tea to your child.

 It causes dehydration and is addictive

Actually, it is a wrong conception popular among a few people. Tea has no relation with hydration. It is the harmful effect of drinking too much coffee. But because it is a side effect of drinking too much coffee many people believe that the same thing would apply to tea. Such people are wrong.

Anything is addictive. Any hobby can become an addictive behavior. Therefore, you cannot say that tea is not addictive. You should drink it regularly but not too much. Drink in moderation and be happy.

 Herbal tea is made of tea leaves – but it isn’t healthy


It is false because most of the herbal tea is not made of tea leaves at all. There are leaves, flowers, fruits and many other herbal items but very few of herbal teas contain tea leaves. Unless specified, you should remember that a herbal tea does not have tea leaves just because it has the name ‘tea’ in it.

Herbal tea has a great amount of benefits. However, if taking a particular herb is harmful for you then you can drink other ones.

You cannot drink tea while exercising – it has no health benefits

It is completely wrong because drinking tea before a workout has many benefits. You will be able to exercise longer and better.

Tea has a number of health benefits – particularly green tea. People who drink tea have better bone density and have lower signs of aging.

 You should only drink pure tea with no sugar

If you want to try new flavors of tea, such as lemon tea and ginger tea, then you can do that freely. There are no harmful effects of drinking tea apart from the pure one.

It is harmful if you have diabetes. It can be harmful if you add too much sugar or if you drink tea frequently. However, the combination is not harmful and you can add a little sugar.

 As you can see, there are many myths when it comes to tea and coffee. One thing to keep in mind is that you should always be paying attention to your body. If you feel like there’s something wrong when you consume too much tea or coffee – you should cut back. Drink in moderation, and remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day – especially if you’re going to be outdoors or exercising.

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