Common Health Issues From Bad Oral Health

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Oral health is an important factor in the process of leading a healthy life. It is closely related to the overall health of a person. Here is a detailed explanation of how an imbalanced oral health can cost you in various ways. It can lead to health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and so on. Oral health isn’t only about keeping your teeth clean, having a pleasant breath or a nice smile. Researches across the globe have stated that there is a strong connection between the oral health and overall health of a person. Even though this connection is not clearly established in most cases but researches are working on various theories to prove that the connections are specific.

Oral Health and Diabetes

For years doctors have known that type 2 diabetics have an increased effect on gum diseases. Researchers in Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University researched on 9300 non-diabetic people. This research was carried out to measure the level of gum disease bacteria over the course of 20 years. The results of this research turned out to be, that people with the high-level periodontal disease have a greater risk of gum disease than people with low levels. These people might develop type 2 diabetics easily. Few theories showed that, when gum infection degrades, the sugar processing ability in our body wreaks. A human body has all type of inflammatory molecules and it is pretty imminent that some of these molecules obstruct the free flow of insulin in the body.

Oral Health and Heart Disease

Oral health is also related to heart health just like it is related to diabetics. Even though it is not determined as 100% true but some relation does exist between the cardiovascular condition and oral health. Smoking is a potential risk factor which relates to oral health, cardiovascular conditions, and can cause serious health issues. A study funded by NIH in the year 2005, carried out a survey of over 1000 people chosen randomly with no prior oral or cardiovascular issues. They had some common risk factors such as age and smoking habits that gave a link between oral disease and heart disease. A theory based on this states that a small quantity of bad bacteria moves from the mouth to the blood vessels and thus ends up creating harmful blockages. The atherosclerotic blood vessels are often seen to have traces of periodontal bacteria. This exact condition can be reduced by aggressive treatment of gum diseases.

Pregnancy Complications and Gum Disease

This is one factor of which most women are unaware and don’t take this condition seriously. The fluctuation in the hormone levels during pregnancy leads to gum infections. Twin Leaf Dentistry Holly Springs is a known spot for curing such conditions. Most pregnant women ignore this factor and often develop oral infections. Gum infections or diseases are often triggered by a chemical compound known as prostaglandin. This chemical compound is also the root cause of inducing early labor. A study conducted in the US has shown that pregnant women, who develop gum disease during week 21 to 24, often give birth to their child before the 37th week. It has also been noted that poor gum health can lead to a poor birth weight of the child. A survey on pregnant women all across Brazil and Turkey in the year 2007 showed that there is a relation between preterm birth, periodontal disease, and low birth weight.

Pneumonia and Gum Disease

Pneumonia and gum health have a direct relationship which lies unnoticed but is a cause of concern. A study on elderly people in the year 2008 showed that patients suffering from pneumonia were already suffering from the periodontal infection. Almost 60% of patients suffering from pneumonia suffer from untreated gum diseases. If we follow the human body structure, then our lungs are located near the mouth and infection can easily spread from the mouth to the lungs. A person with a healthy oral structure has a lot of bacteria in his or her mouth, but a person with an unhealthy oral structure has possibilities of getting affected by these bacteria. Such a condition leads to pneumonia or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder).

Pancreatic Cancer and Gum Disease

In the year 2007, a survey report was published in the Journal of NCI (National Cancer Institute). This survey was done on approx 51, 500 American men from 1986 to 2002. Every two years their health status was evaluated and 216 men out of them were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 67 people out of 216 men were suffering from the periodontal infection. Increase in periodontal disease is highly related to the risk of pancreatic cancer regardless of their smoking habits. The infection in the mouth can lead to an increase in carcinogenic compounds or systematic inflammation which further leads to damage to the overall health.

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