Commercialization of Cannabis or THC?


Till date, many nations have legalized cannabis and added their names to the multimillion-dollar global business for all things related to weed. There are several reasons for legalizing marijuana. Government is keeping in mind the medical use and recreational use of marijuana which have led them to the legalization of cannabis in their particular region. Many countries like Germany, Portugal, The Netherland, Spain, Canada, and several states of the United States have shown a green signal to the legalization of weed in their territory. Legalization of marijuana also comes with so many regulations and threat to public threat. Respective governments are making their rules and regulation for using marijuana in their regions.

Just like in Canada the minimum age, the limit of possession and even who can sell weed in the country is mentioned in the law which passed the legalization of the weed. You can buy weed online in Canada and from some licensed shops. But the question is, the legalization of weed is really done with the purpose of its medical and recreational uses or for its commercialization and turn it into business only.

As after legalization, we have seen many online dispensaries selling weed with various appealing names and flavors to such as bruce banner strain, MK ultra, and many more just attract the customers which prove that the commercialization of cannabis is profitable for the country but is it good for public health.

Weed an industry that taxes sale of about 10 billion dollars worth of product in the last year. So we may guess that the legalization of marijuana is just a front face but the real thing is the commercialization of it. Our argument is not against the casual adult use of marijuana but the new industry that is working to convince us that we are consuming something natural while fixing social ills but we aren’t. Cannabis is a plant that contains two main substances i.e CBD and THC. CBD is a substance which carries all of the medicinal properties which can be used for medical uses. It has the real potential power to help people. It doesn’t get you high and it is non-intoxicating. But the thing this interesting part of the plant is actually makes up a really tiny portion of the commercial market. The real money is being made with the selling of THC. THC is the part of the plant which has the potential to gets you high.

So, in the last 40 years of period, the THC level in Cannabis is gradually raising, not naturally but by chemicals and pesticides. Since the chemists are being included in the cultivation they have changed the natural occurring of the cannabis plant. They move cultivation exclusively indoors and they may grow cycles extremely and unnaturally short. They have started using fertilizers to raise the THC level in the plant and that is seriously an alarming situation. When they claim that you are smoking only natural pot is totally a lie. Since CBD doesn’t help to make you more money so they are decreasing its natural growing ability and trying to increase the level of THC.

The question lies here, is that the legalization of weed is just the mask to turn this weed business into the most profitable business by including chemicals and jeopardize the natural ability of cannabis plant. So if you think you are smoking something natural then think now. The online sites also show the percentage of THC in any product and even in the weed itself, so think when you buy from these sites where you can also buy anavar online. In reality, this is the commercialization of THC instead of legalization of Cannabis.


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