Combating the Trend of Cardiovascular Disease

combating cardiovascul disease

Illnesses and disease, they are common in every society and can literally be seen on nearly every road bend and street corner. Although illness is unpreventable, there are some societies that have higher commonality with certain illnesses over other ones. Major countries in the world; such as the United States, France, Russia, Germany, England, and even Canada; share the same illness type which affects their respective society:

Cardiovascular disease is an illness which is related to the heart or arteries. An example of a cardiovascular disease would be coronary artery disease. I know, I know; this all sounds too wordy but bear with me. If cardiovascular disease is so common amongst these prominent and powerful nations; what can this lead to and how can we prevent it?

First, we must tackle the issue that high rates, sometimes even death rates up in the 30%, can cause amongst nations. It can lead to higher rates of depression, a lower life expectancy, and higher costs of insurance. If these nations cannot find a way to work on their extremely high rates of cardiovascular disease it can spell cardiovascular disaster!

The cause of this is often fast food or unhealthy eating. Millions of powerful countries, not just the United States as many like to believe, are eating unhealthily. Foods such as French Fries, Cheeseburgers, and Twinkies simply do not contribute to a healthy and wholesome daily diet.

To combat this global crises; I beseech you, the reader, to take action and lower your cardiovascular rate by several methods. Don’t become another statistic, and fall into a world of cardiovascular discomfort. There are numerous ways you can combat the trend!

  1. Recommended Daily Diet: Follow your nation’s respective daily dietary guidelines. As every nation is different you can often find out your nations guidelines by doing a quick “Recommended Daily Intake” search into Wikipedia and selecting your respective nation. Since all nations eat differently; it is vital you select yours and follow yours.
  2. The Pyramid: The food pyramid, if you are not familiar with this simple little cheat-sheet guideline, learn it well. It will be essential and indispensable in reducing you and your nations high cardiovascular statistic.
  3. Medicinal Methods: Modern science is literally leaping years in the recent time that has passed. Technology and medicine have joined together to created wonderful and new drugs to help prevent and lessen heart disease. Perhaps trying some of this marvelous medicines can assist you?

Three simple steps; reducing this looming pandemic of cardiovascular disease can be combated by three simple steps. Although you may not believe the cliché line of “Every person makes a difference,” it is true. As I so desperately stated before you, do not become another statistic. Living with a cardiovascular disease is not only life-threatening, but easily avoidable. Take the simple steps and better your longevity!

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