Clothing Must-Haves for Fitness Walking

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Looking for the right mix of clothing is not always easy. If you’re just getting started on fitness walking and haven’t bought any gear yet, then it’s high time to prioritize which items you need now to get you up to speed.

Factor in versatility and adaptability when choosing clothing. Your choice of wardrobe should be able to carry you from hot to cold months, especially if you do your walking outdoors most of the time.

You also need to consider the logistics, like the time you usually take your walks, the level of intensity and lengths you do them, and the local weather conditions.

When it comes to fitness, seasonal changes should not stop you from achieving your goals. During humid or warm conditions, you need to put on clothing that can wick away sweat and moisture from your skin and shield you from the scorching sun. For cold weather, dressing up warmly should be a given, but it should be balanced and layered so as not to overdo it. Your body temperature will rise as you walk up a few miles, so overdressing is not an option.

Here are the must-haves to help you dress right whenever you’re heading out for a walk.

Headgear and Gloves

The head and the hands easily get cold, which is why it’s important to keep them covered at all times. You’ll need a reliable pair of gloves and a hat made of breathable and wind-resistant material. A headgear with a ponytail opening is the choice among most runners, but it also works well with walkers. Fleece gloves can regulate and trap the warmth within.

When you’re walking under the sun, protection is crucial. A lightweight buff is as reliable as any headgear available in the market today is. It’s a multifunctional accessory that can cover your face and your neck.

Short- and Long-Sleeve Top

Best not to opt for cotton when walking, no matter what the external conditions may be. When cotton gets wet, it will stay wet, which can be disquieting in warm conditions and life-threatening in cold conditions.

Longtime walkers and even runners prefer shirts made of polypropylene material. Such clothes are comfortable to wear, and moisture doesn’t stay on the same spot. When you start sweating, polypropylene garments wick away sweat to their outer layer instead of holding it in. They come in short sleeves or long sleeves, and you can get them in different thicknesses.

If you have the right budget, merinos are perfect for any condition as they stay warm even when they’re wet. Their fibers are better and more sensitive than most fabrics available in the outdoor sports industry. No wonder they’re the favored clothing among top runners, bikers, and hikers.

Short and Long Legwear

Have the best of both worlds by getting yourself a decent pair of walking shorts and stretchy tights. When it’s hot out, shorts are the best. They are designed to give you complete freedom of movement, especially those made of nylon material.

Some prefer Lycra shorts that stick to the soft thigh areas. They work well against skin-to-skin friction, which can lead to chafing. When it’s cold out, walking tights are ideal as they give you thermal support with windproof seams for added insulation.

Socks for Days

When you’ve spent enough time out there walking in the cold and the warmth, you’ll start to see how the little details are just as important as the big ones. The right socks can save you from painful blisters later on.

Your feet have to stay dry at all times to stay blister-free. Watch out for socks with toe seams as they are prone to forming blisters from all the friction on your skin. Also, make sure you cut your toenails as they tend to retain moisture when kept long.

Get your hands on running socks that are made of breathable mesh with lateral stability and antiblister systems in place. Socks work in all conditions, so you won’t have to worry about getting one for cold and another for the warm season. You’ll be spending loads of time on your feet, so don’t put your wallet away just yet for relaxing and comfortable socks.

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