Christmas on the Mediterranean

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The holidays mean many things to many people, but the main theme of the season seems to center around one thing: family. People visit their parents and relatives, families assemble in large numbers, and everything is organized around getting everyone together. This is all fine and dandy if you have a typical family, but there is a significant number of people, especially those who are single or without families, who don’t fit this traditional view of what Christmas is “supposed” to be about.

There is absolutely no reason to sit around lonely and feeling sorry for yourself at Christmas, if you don’t have anyone at home to celebrate with. Likewise, you don’t have to tag along as an extra person at a friend or coworker’s house, which at best can be an awkward situation. If you want to do the holidays in style, and you’re on your own, there’s only one place you need to think about: the Mediterranean.

Coastal resorts all along the northern Med have latched onto the growing market of singles and lone travelers who want to spend the holiday season in a different way. Hotels decorate for Christmas and even organize parties and Secret-Santa-style gift exchanges. Singles can mix with other singles, or just enjoy the beauty of the scenery on their own.

Christmas dinner is usually a huge affair where guests sit at large tables, sharing a gorgeous meal and fun conversation. There’s no family drama, and best of all no dishes to wash afterward. You can spend the day with fellow travelers and retire to your room at the end of it with a full stomach and a full heart.

Of course the weather in December isn’t what it is in July, but resorts make up for this by scheduling lots of indoor activities within the resort complex, and of course you can use all the regular facilities like the spa, indoor pool, or gym. Even in the depths of winter, though, many areas still have clear weather, and you can enjoy views of the sea from your balcony, or even take a walk along the beach if the day is unusually warm.

You may think a vacation like this would be prohibitively expensive, but you might be surprised at what sort of deals you can find, especially in the middle of the off-season. Resorts generally suffer a huge decline in revenue in the winter, and run special deals in order to attract as many wintertime guests as possible. If you search on the Internet and do a lot of price comparing, it’s likely you’ll be able to find quite a nice deal within your budget.

Getting away from everything at the holidays may seem counterintuitive to what most people would be inclined to do, but the most important thing at Christmas is that you feel comfortable and happy. It’s all well and good if you have a family that spends the holidays together, but if that’s not the case, or even if you just want to do something different this year, always know that you have a home away from home at any of the thousands of seaside resorts all along the Mediterranean coast.

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