Choosing an appropriate fitness walking footwear

Fitness walking is a type of exercise whereby one walks swiftly to strengthen bones, lose excess fat in the body, release stress and for overall body fitness.Fitness walking shoes are meant to enable you to carry out this exercise easily.

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Factors to consider when choosing a fitness walking sneake:

1.The weight of the shoe-The shoe should be light in weight so as to enable you to carry out the exercise easily. For this consideration, fabric sneakers win over the leather counterparts.

2.Weather condition-During the exercise, you may experience a weather change such as rainfall from a perfectly clear and favorable weather. The type of shoe you choose must, therefore, have the capacity to keep you walking in these conditions. You can opt for a waterproof sneaker if such weather changes are anticipated.

3.How comfortable you are in the shoe-The shoe should have enough padding and sufficient space in the forefoot to give you an overall restful feel.

4.The flexibility of the shoe-A proper fitness walking footwear should bow under the foot’s ball and should offer low to moderate resistance in twisting of it’s outer sole.

5.Breathability of the shoe-Fitness walking will most likely lead to a lot of sweating of the feet.The shoes chosen should, therefore, be capable of letting the moisture from the sweat escape.

How to test for fit in a fitness walking footwear:

1.Uphill test:

Put on the shoe and tie the laces just as you would do while fitness walking. Climb some stairs, each stair at a time and note the heel lift from your insole each time.If the heel lift is more than one-eighth of an inch, then the shoe will likely cause you a blister. You can leave the shoe and try another one. Alternatively, you can change the shoe’s inner sole or try socks so as to reduce the heel lift.

2.Downhill Test:

Wear your shoes as you would while fitness walking and walk down a slanted surface as you scrape and stamp your feet on the ground. Your toes should not be touching the front of the shoes especially if they are new.


Fitness walking exercise success is largely dependent on the walking shoe you wear. The exercise is also meant to improve your overall fitness and not to hurt you. Check out this new balance shoes for plantar fasciitis. It is therefore very critical that you choose the right shoes using the criterion we have discussed above for the exercise to be a success.

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