CBD Oil Weight Loss Is Still a Matter of Study and Research

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Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the naturally occurring materials in the plant cannabis, a plant that has a history of being used in medicine for thousands of years. CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in this plant and makes up 40 percent of the extract from the plant.

Unlike, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for which cannabis is more known because of its psychoactive effects, CBD does not cause a high, though it does affect the body in a number of other ways. It does stimulate receptors that can help to reduce anxiety, inflammation, and pain. There is a chemical, anandamide, in the brain, often called the bliss molecule, and CBD helps this chemical to stay longer in the system and thus act to relieve pain while boosting the functions of the brain.

CBD has also been known to reduce food intake while boosting the metabolism, and this combination can help in weight loss. The body has two types of fat cells, white and brown. White fat is predominant and is mainly responsible for supplying and storing energy, and also cushioning and insulating organs. Brown fat helps to burn calories and generate heat. People with more brown fat will tend to have a healthy weight, while those with more white fat will tend to be overweight. White fat gets converted to brown fat through the use of CBD and this was one of the side effects noticed by doctors and drew attention to the CBD oil weight loss capabilities when the oil was part of treatment for anxiety and relief from pain.

CBD is just one of the cannabinoid compounds that are found in the cannabis plant and most of these compounds are found in the resin that tiny, mushroom-shaped buds, or trichomes that you find in dense clusters of flowers of the cannabis plant, have. These oily trichomes are part of the plant’s structure that helps it to be protected from ultraviolet radiation and heat. This oil in the resin has insecticidal, antibacterial and antifungal properties that save the plants from predators. The resin being sticky also plays its part by trapping bugs. This resin that is full of oil protects the plant and helps it to maintain its health, and this same oil has many components that can also be of great benefit to human health. CBD is non-intoxicating and has shown great promise for treating a vast array of diseases.

CBD oil is extracted from these trichomes and the amount of CBD present will depend on the variety of cannabis. Industrial hemp, defined as plants having THC of less than 0.3 percent has fewer trichomes and thus less oil. The oil is better extracted from strains of cannabis that are CBD rich. The trichomes themselves are fragile structures and easily break off from the cannabis flower. Heat or pressure results in the partial melting of the trichomes and coming together as a congealed slab. The making of the CBD oil involves a number of methods that may be decided depending on the composition of the original plant. CBD is soluble in both alcohol and oil and extracting CBD from the plant extract involves solvents ethanol, butane, olive oil, and supercritical CO2. The last solvent is the one that is most prevalently used as well as being a way that is very safe. CO2 under high pressure turns supercritical and flushes out the active ingredients from the plant extract. Every compound requires specific conditions and thus the process can be fine-tuned to extract the required CBD oil.

CBD oil weight loss works differently for different people and to arrive at the correct dosage can be a matter of trial and error. As the discovery that CBD oil is good for weight loss is fairly recent, there are yet no fully published research documents that give any clarity on the matter. It is suggested that if any dose is not showing good results, the dosage may be increased slowly so that are no side effects. If you do feel tired or constantly nauseous, it may indicate that you need to lower the dosage.

CBD may not have the same effect on everybody, but it is a fact that CBD oil weight loss happens after the fat cells are affected, the change of white to brown, and there are rarely any other side effects. CBD does increase the metabolism that results in more burnt calories, which we all know is the prime requirement of weight loss. This loss of weight will not happen overnight, as CBD oil is a natural supplement that like all others is slow to cause changes in the body.

Your weight loss may become more prominent if you see that you are on a healthy diet and cut out all the high calorie processed foods, and also engage in a fairly active life.

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