CBD Oil | is it Effective against Anxiety?


If we tell you to avoid stress altogether, we know that it would be impossible in today’s fast-paced world. In reality, a small amount of stress is essential in keeping us motivated to take on the challenges of life with renewed vigor. It is only at times when stress is not effectively managed that we end up suffering from anxiety and its related disorders. A big portion of the population is suffering from anxiety. As a result, pharmaceutical companies have produced various prescription drugs to help people cope with excessive anxiety. But these drugs have side-effects of their own and often end up doing more harm than good.

Hence, in the process of finding an alternative treatment for stress, researchers came across Cannabidiol or CBD which is one of the non-psychoactive components found in cannabis. According to evidence collected from human usage, CBD was reported to possess powerful anti-anxiety properties. Moreover, when taken as instructed, it doesn’t produce any kind of side-effects whatsoever. CBD or Cannabidiol is commercially extracted from ‘Hemp’ and sold in the form of CBD Oil. The positive and promising effects of CBD Oil for anxiety, with one of the main benefits being no side-effects, have made the product immensely popular among those who are suffering from copious amounts of stress.

Does CBD Oil produce a high?

CBD Hemp Oil is derived from hemp that has high amounts of CBD and a pretty low amount of THC. THC is the chemical that when present in excess amounts, is responsible for the “high” or psychoactive feeling which people generally get when they smoke marijuana.

Since CBD Hemp Oil has an incredibly low amount of THC, it is non-psychoactive, safe to use and doesn’t produce any effects of feeling “high” after consumption.

How does CBD Oil Works?

Our body has its own Endocannabinoid System which produces Cannabinoids that are taken up by the Cannabinoid receptors in the body. These Cannabinoids are actually lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters and play an important role in the functioning of the brain, endocrine glands as well as immune system. Moreover, they also assist by playing a regulatory role in the secretion of hormones that are related to the reproductive functions as well as the stress responders.

Cannabinoids that are given to our body through CBD Oil join forces with the natural Cannabinoids that are produced by the body and helps in boosting their positive effects.

CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression

Normally, when we find ourselves experiencing stress, it means that our immune system is overactive. CBD helps to calm down the overactive immune system and as a result, brings feelings of relaxation for the entire body and without any kind of psychoactive effects.

Moreover, excessive stress or anxiety can cause the levels of a hormone known as ‘Cortisol’ to increase in the body. Cortisol is known as a stress hormone that the body produces in response to stress and anxiety.

An excessive amount of Cortisol caused by chronic stress results in the reduced availability of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine, the self-rewarding hormone. The low levels of these hormones are linked to sustained or chronic stress. That’s why pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs for treating anxiety and depression, manufacture selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors that don’t allow the brain to reabsorb serotonin, and it stays in the body. As a result, the brain cells transmit more serotonin signals which help to boost the mood and reduces anxiety and stress.

But, these drugs have their own long list of side-effects. This is where CBD comes into the picture. Research has shown that CBD boosts the signaling activities through the serotonin receptors, primarily 5-HT1A, which is a subtype of the serotonin receptor. Hence, CBD oil affects the production of serotonin by the brain and helps to boost the mood of a patient who is suffering from chronic or sustained stress. It has been reported that the effects of CBD oil in stress reduction might be much better than the popular anti-stress and anti-depressant drugs available on the market.

All of these positive effects associated with CBD Oil and its treatment of anxiety and depression, without any kind of side-effects, make it an effective alternative treatment to the traditional pharmaceutical drugs. However, it is advisable to talk with your physician before embarking upon the usage of CBD Oil.

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