CBD Cream/Oil and its Medicinal Applications


Drug as a term can be misleading for the common people. This rather innocent term has been dragged around as dangerous due to its association with other harmful substances. As it is, a drug is any substance that can be consumed by the human body for its benefits. However, today people do not usually think about these substances as drugs. Rather, these are considered medicine which is a much safer term for these substances. On the other hand, the term “drug” is now associated with the addictive and harmful stuff that is going around the world these days.

Certainly, there are drugs that are very dangerous to the human body. People from all walks of life can be affected by this kind of condition. We hear celebrities who accidentally overdose, millionaires involved in drug trade and common workers ingesting it with their friends. These substances should always be avoided and reported to the authorities. However, there are certain drugs which are not inherently dangerous. We can take caffeine as an example, a highly addictive substance that affects a person’s mood and activity yet we are still drinking it daily. See this website to know the Top 10 coffee consuming nations.

Another substance that is getting a lot of bad rep these days is cannabis, also known as marijuana. This recreational drug has been around for ages, with people from all around the world experiencing its effects. It was disputed that the first use of the plant for its psychedelic effects were from the Indians and Assyrians. It was primarily used for religious purposes, as it induces hallucinations that the believers thought were messages from their gods. It also became a ritual for many ancient religions to consume marijuana by smoking it. Other cultures started cultivating it as well, and then came a time when it was regulated due to its deemed harmful effects.

Now, in the age where science is still trying to uncover the secrets of the universe, marijuana has become a hot topic especially in the field of medicine. Many researches have disputed the addiction to cannabis and its medicinal properties. Today, many stores sell products that are derived from cannabis. One of them is called CBD cream or oil which can be purchased through websites like https://CBDcreamShop.com. CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the many substances found within cannabis. Here are some of its applications.


  • Physical Pain

There have been a lot of medications for simple physical pain. In Asia for example, there are hundreds of balms and ointments that are available for joint and muscle pain. Herbal extracts like camphor and menthol have been known to bring comfort for these pains. There are even unknown mixtures that are still circulating up to this day. As you can see, people have already been using plants for these kinds of applications. Using CBD is no different, as it is still a part of the marijuana plant. Its extract has been found out to have the same effect as the rest of these herbs. It can even alleviate the pains of arthritis, which is great for our grandparents.

  • Acne

Teenagers often have a lot of problems that are often overlooked by older people. One of which is their concern for their own physical appearance. There is nothing wrong with that, as we are brought up into thinking that a great appearance equates to being responsible with oneself. However, there are certain diseases like acne which impedes this kind of notion. Now, having acne is normal part of growing up but there are certain cases which can be a serious skin problem. As CBD focuses on these affected areas, it can certainly alleviate acne problems.

  • Epilepsy

Now, this may sound like it came from the left field but here us out. There are researches published that taking in CBD reduces the effects of epilepsy among patients. In fact, one drug with CBD has already been approved by the Food and Drug Association of United States for its benefits to epilepsy patients. Before, there was no known cure to this neurological disorder also known as seizure disorder. Fortunately, CBD along with its other components can help with minimal side effects on the body.

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